Kobold KDS Variable Area Flow Meter

Kobold KDS Variable Area Flow Meter from bottom to top through the meter tube of the flow meter. The float is lifted until an annular gap between the measuring cone and the float is produced which corresponds to the flow. The forces acting on the float are in equilibrium.

The height of the float resulting from the flow rate is transmitted by the permanent magnet in the float through the magnetic tracking system in a rotation to the pointer axis of the analog indicator unit. The variable-area flowmeter consists of a stainless steel device with an integrated conical stainless steel measuring tube and a vertically movable float. The valve for setting the flow rate is built-in (only KDS-K/C).

Kobold KDS Application

The KDS meter is suitable for flow measurement of liquid or gaseous products in pipes. It shows the current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time.

Areas of Application

  • Flow measurement of liquids and gases
  • Dosing
  • Can be used in the chemical industry or in medical or laboratory engineering
  • Robust mechanical system with a low rate of wear

The devices are available with additional electrical equipment for process monitoring and control.

  • Design for horizontal and vertical connections available
  • A variety of sealing materials
  • Wall mounting possibility (KDS-C)
  • Flow Controller (option)
  • High pressure application (option)

Technical Details

  • Materials Measuring cone, float, armature: stainless steel
    other materials on request
  • Sealing: PTFE (special on request)
  • Process connection: ¼” NPT (F), adapter for other connections available
    special connections on request
  • Nominal pressure: PN 40 (KDS-K, C) PN 63 (KDS-S)
    optional up to 420 bar (KDS-S)
  • Accuracy liquid/gas: ±3% qG 50 acc. VDE/VDI 3513
  • Process temperature: -40°C…+130°C
    (without switch/electronic)
    limit switch: NJ 1, 5-6, 5N
    NJ 2-11 SN -40…+100°C
    (c/w electronic KDS-…E)
  • Ambient temperature:-25°C…+70°C
  • Weight: 0.65 kg
  • Protecion: IP65 (EN60529)

Download Datasheet: Kobold KDS Variable Area Flowmeter

Reference : kobold.com

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