Fcon 2000 series Digital Mass Flow Controller With Built-in Display


  • Built-in display setting unit, setting control is possible only with the main unit.
  • Driving power is DC24V single power supply (500mAor more adapter can be used).
  • Compact size to realize the small size and space-saving.
  • Simple installation to various equipment.
  • Digital communication: RS485 communication.
  • Analog signal: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched.
  • Equipped with an abnormal flow rate alarm function.
  • Equipped with accumulation function.
  • Digital Control Application Software.


Mass Flow Controller C2005 C2020
Mass Flow Meter M2005 M2020
Flow range (N2equivalent) 10 SCCM 5 SLM 10SLM 20SLM
Gases Various Gases (Please consult about corrosive gas)
Valve type NC : Normally Closed (Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Flow rate control range 2-100% F.S (Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Accuracy ±1% F.S (Accuracy guaranteed between 15-35℃)
Setting signal Setting section of the main unit, Digital: RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4.3-20mA can be switched (Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Output signal Main unit display: 7 segments LED, Digital: RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S
Response ≦2sec
Operating differential pressure 50-300KPa 100-300KPa 200-300KPa
Pressure resistance 1MPa(G)
Operating temperature 5-50℃, ≦85%RH (Scope of accuracy guarantee: 15-35℃)
Leak integrity 1×10-7Pa・m3/sec He
Mounting attitude Free
Drive power source +24VDC: ≧500mA
Communication RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched
Wetted surface material SUS316, PTFE, Fluoro-Rubber
Seal material Fluoro-Rubber
Actuator system Solenoid (excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Surface treatment Machined finish
Standard fitting 1/4in.SWL (equivalent), One-touch fittings,  ※ For another fitting, please contact us.


Fcon 2000 series dimensions

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Fcon 2000 Series Digital mass flow meter

Reference: http://www.fcon-inc.jp

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