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Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation is a Belgian company established in 1989 and located in Welkenraedt. With thousands of customers using its devices around the world, the company is internationally recognized as the leading distributor and manufacturer of innovative and accurate liquids flow measuring instrumentation for both open channel and full pipe applications.

About Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation

Flow-Tronic has a large network of specially trained flow experts and representatives for consultancy, installation & after sales. Its activity is to provide flow metering services, supply rental flowmeters and provide repair and calibration of all equipment sold

Flow-Tronic is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has also received the certificate of conformity allowing the manufacturing of ATEX devices, in compliance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Their flow experts have been installing and providing flow measurement equipment and solutions for more than 30 years. Flow-Tronic is continuously developing new high-quality products and solutions using the latest technology.

  • Innovation
    • Flow-Tronic is always striving to adapt and develop the newest technologies to its field of application.
  • Service
    • Sales, after-sales personnel and field engineers, are very experienced in reacting quickly and precisely to any situation.
  • Solution
    • Products with a maximum of flexibility, adapted to a broad range of measuring sites and easy to integrate.

The Main Products of Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation

Flo-Sonic OCFM (Ultrasonic Transit-Time Open Channel Flowmeter)

The Flo-Sonic OCFM is a permanent measurement system for open channel applications using the ultrasonic transit time technology. It is designed to suit a large range of applications for clean to polluted water with very different flow conditions. The Flo-Sonic OCFM sensors are designed to be installed in channels and rivers with various shapes and dimensions with a maximum width of 15 meters for clean water applications.

Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation
Flo-Sonic OCFM

The Flo-Sonic OCFM system consists of one or more Flo-Sonic ultrasonic speed processors associated to one Unitrans flow processor and monitor and two Flo-Sonic probes per path. Very complex applications can be equipped with up to 16 measurement paths. The Flo-Sonic OCFM uses the very latest electronic technology combined with highly efficient digital signal processing (D.S.P.). The D.S.P. technique maximizes the system performance giving the user significant benefits.

Operation principle:

The Flo-Sonic measurement principle is based on detecting the transit time of ultrasonic signal between two sensors. The transit time with flow is shorter than the transit time against the flow direction. The difference between these transit times is proportional the average flow velocity along the measurement path.

Features :

  • Easy and quick installation
  • High accuracy
  • User-friendly operation
  • Automatic control of ultrasonic signal using the ESC mode (Echo Shape Control)
  • Automatic zero flow adjustment with “anti air bubble” signal processing
  • Robust, splashproof IP65 control unit enclosure
  • Compatible with 1MHz and 500 KHz probes
  • GPRS transmission combined with Unitrans flow monitor
  • ATEX-certified sensors are available
  • Bidirectional measurement

SEWER-MAG (Portable Flow-through Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor)

The SEWER-MAG is an insertable full-bore electromagnetic flowmeter sensor. It ensures extremely accurate flow measurements even under difficult flow conditions. The SEWER-MAG is usually temporarily installed in sewer networks to verify or calibrate existing flow meters. The inflatable flow-trough plug forces the water through the measuring tube, which is maintained full with a specifically designed outlet elbow. The flow-through plug creates a straight section (3x the pipe diameter) upstream the measuring point and the outlet has a length of 2x the pipe diameter downstream.

Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation

The SEWER-MAG is combined with a converter that is mainly powered (AC or DC). Even the best open channel flowmeter installed in a sewer pipe needs to be checked or calibrated from time to time. This is a complicated task to achieve and the Sewer-Mag provides a good solution for such cases:

When the pipe is large and the level of the liquid flowing is over 150 to 200 mm, usually a velocity profile taken with an electromagnetic water velocity meter associated to a ruler level measurement gives one of the best flow references. When the pipe is small with low levels and/or high velocities the velocity profile technique is not suitable anymore. The SEWER-MAG however allows a perfect measurement over several hours to a day. Long-term measurements are not suggested as the measuring tube can fill with debris. The SEWER-MAG can however be installed for permanent flow measurement of raw water.

Features :

  • Insertable flowmeter
  • Easy installation, can be installed by one person
  • No field calibration needed
  • For pipe sizes from DN150 to DN600
  • High accuracy

TORPEE-MAG (Full Profile Electromagnetic Averaging Insertion Flowmeter with Multiple Electrodes)

The TORPEE-MAG is a hot tap full profile electromagnetic insertion flowmeter. Multiple electrodes placed across the entire sensor body at equal area, measure and report the average flow rate over the full diameter of the pipe. The specific design of the multi-electrode sensor compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl and turbulent conditions, and allows installation without calibration on site.

Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation

The TORPEE-MAG can be installed without shutting down, emptying or cutting the pipe (hot tap installation). It does not require welding flanges and installation can be done in pressurized pipelines up to 17 bar. The cost of installation is largely reduced by eliminating the need for heavy equipment (cranes, etc.) or extensive manpower. The TORPEE-MAG is the most economical flow metering solution for medium and large pipe sensor sizes, reducing drastically installation costs.

The TORPEE-MAG fits in confined spaces can be submerged, and offers complete accessibility. It can be removed in pipes under pressure for easy inspection, cleaning, calibrating, or verification. It is particularly cost-effective for retrofit applications. The TORPEE-MAG comes in 2 different sizes in order to be used with 1,5 inch or 2-inch ball valves. The 1,5-inch TORPEE-MAG is available for pipe sizes ranging from DN100 up to DN1500.

Features :

  • Multi-electrode sensor delivering accurate total flow profile rivaling the performance of a full-bore meter (0,5% accuracy)
  • Bidirectional measurement (optional)
  • Ease of hot tap installation without interrupting service
  • Economical solution for medium & large line sizes reducing drastically installation costs (sizes from DN 100 to DN2500)
  • Removable in pipes under pressure for inspection, cleaning, calibration or verification
  • Sensor coated with food & beverage-certified epoxy coating
  • Robust construction for operational longevity with rugged 316 stainless steel/aluminum sensor body
  • Comes pre-calibrated from the Calibration Lab. with no moving parts, the sensor contains nothing to wear or break

RAVEN-EYE ATEX (Non-Contact Radar Flowmeter ATEX Zone 1 Certified)

The RAVEN-EYE® ATEX is the non-contact RADAR area/velocity flowmeter for open channel flow measurements from Flow-Tronic. It combines state of the art non-contact measuring technology which measures flow from above the water surface with easy integration into existing SCADA or telemetry systems. The sensor is intrinsically safe and can therefore be installed in a hazardous area (Zone 1).

Flow-Tronic Flow Measurement Instrumentation

Radar area/velocity flow sensors have been in use for many years, so why is the RAVEN-EYE® so revolutionary? Using the latest design, development and production methods, has allowed Flow-Tronic to manufacture a high quality radar sensor at a price that will make it your first choice for open channel and sewer flow measurement, but affordability is only one of the RAVEN-EYE®’s benefits.

Features :

  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable or stationary version available
  • Non-contact: the sensor is positioned above the water surface
  • ATEX certificate: Ex II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
  • Easy installation
  • Robust IP68 (PU) enclosure
  • Totally sealed sensor: no joints, seals or screws
  • Developed for field applications
  • Velocity distribution analysis & self-learning technology for average velocity calculation
  • For channels from 100 mm and upwards
  • Easy integration with SCADA, PLC or telemetry systems
  • Direct RS485 interface available (no monitor or converter necessary)
  • One 4-20 mA configurable output
  • Perfect solution for difficult flow conditions: high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, high velocities and large open channels
  • No maintenance
  • Auto-diagnostic system

Source : www.flow-tronic.com

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