Maeda Koki MKCTV Water, Oil, Air Signal Indicator

Maeda Koki MKCTV it is equipped with a protective cover superior in the reliable durability in the severe environment. Confirmation and adjustment of the flow quantity of the oil, water, and oil are possible.

Maeda Koki MKCTV Feature

  • It shows flow quantity by viewing
    Because use a transparent taper pipe, with a ball (or afloat) and the indication red line I can confirm the approximate flow quantity by looking at the position concerned.
  • With flow quantity adjustment valve
    By adjusting a miniature valve a ball (or afloat) at the position of the indication red line The setting of flow quantity that is necessary by putting it together is possible.
  • With protective cover
    By a metal protective cover, I reduce the possibility of the damage by shocks from the outside.
  • The installation direction does not matter
    The posture when attaching it as using a spring inside looks up and look down; and I can perform sideways-facing freely.

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Maeda Koki MKCTV Specification

Protest a form For copper pipe
Fluid Oil, Water, Air Oil
(the exit side)
Rc internal thread The change to R screw is possible, too.
The connection of the valve becomes only the R screw.
The reference mentioned above
Heat-resistant temperature A maximum of 80 degrees Celsius A maximum of 80 degrees Celsius
Withstand pressure 1MPa 1MPa
Materials Transparent taper pipe Acrylic Acrylic
Coupling C3604 (brass) C3604 (brass)
Protective cover BC (gunmetal) BC (gunmetal)
 Zipper sleeve Cu
Cap nut C3604 (brass)
Spring SUS304 SUS304
Nylon ball Nylon 66 I may use a cylindrical float. Nylon 66
Miniature valve BC The production at the valve with the check nut is possible, too. BC (gunmetal)
 O ring Nitrile rubber Nitrile rubber

Flow Rate Oil Signal

Model    Dimensions (mm) Maximum flow quantity
Connection Full length Overall width Depth
Protest a form MKCTV20-1TL  Rc1/8 115 30 51 3
MKCTV20-2TL Rc1/4 115 30 51 3
MKCTV20-3TL Rc3/8 122 30 51 4
MKCTV20-4 φ 4 129 30 51 1.5
MKCTV20-6 φ 6 131 30 51 3
MKCTV20-8 φ 8 134 30 51 3
MKCTV20-10 φ 10 142 30 51 4

Flow Rate Air Signal


Model Dimensions (mm) Maximum flow quantity
Connection Full length Overall width Depth
MKCTV20-1TA  Rc1/8 115 30 22 150
MKCTV20-2TA Rc1/4 115 30 22 150
MKCTV20-3TA Rc3/8 122 30 25 200

Flow Rate Water Signal

Model    Dimensions (mm) Standard specifications flow quantity
(about L/min)
Connection Full length Overall width Depth
MKCTV20-1TW  RC1/8 115 30 22 1-5
MKCTV20-2TW Rc1/4 115 30 22
MKCTV20-3TW Rc3/8 122 30 25