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About Vögtlin Instruments

Vögtlin Instruments is a Swiss developer of precision flow instrumentation. For the last 35 years, our flow experts ensure high-value products and solutions for your flow measurement and control tasks. Our mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for gases with digital and analog output and IP67/NEMA6 and ATEX protection serve a wide range of applications:

  • Gas analysis
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Life ­science
  • Research & Development
  • OEM and other industrial applications & solutions

Our high-precision flow measurement and control devices are based on high-tech semicon MEMS sensor technology. With more than 300.000 devices sold, Vögtlin is a strongly respected global player in this market. This success is coming from our attitude to provide the best products, solutions, and services and be a part of the customer’s success. The Vögtlin team is looking forward to helping you get the best flow solution! Our OEM partners and our customers need reliable quality & repeatable performance. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we can guarantee the highest quality standards.

The Products of Vögtlin Instruments

Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

The Vögtlin product line-up covers thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for gases and the first long-life integrated battery mass flow meter with a built-in touch display. Our high-precision devices come equipped with digital and analog interfaces, IP67/NEMA6 protection, and ATEX certification.

Vögtlin Instruments
Vögtlin Instruments Mass Flow Meter and Controller

High-precision Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (MFC) for Gases

Reliable technology and industry standard interfaces make the red-y smart series thermal mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) particularly suitable for measurement and control in gas delivery systems and plant engineering applications.

  • High-precision measurement
  • Analog and digital interface
  • Safe and fast control
  • Options: Multigas (up to 10 gases), Profibus, built-in display
  • Wide range of accessories (cables, power supply, etc.)
  • Measuring ranges from 25 mln/min up to 450 ln/min (27 SCCM – 480 SLPM)

Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters with optional Needle Valve

The red-y compact 2-series mass flow meters are characterized by powerful technology, intelligent functions, and innovative design. The devices offer a new level of ease of use: compact design with battery power, backlit touch display, and extended alarm function.

  • AA battery-powered device with a touch display
  • MEMS sensor technology
  • High accuracy & dynamics
  • Customer-specific flow units
  • Use as a meter, regulator, or switch
  • Measuring ranges from 25 mln/min up to 450 ln/min (27 SCCM – 480 SLPM)

Multi-Parameter Mass Flow Meter & Mass Flow Controller for Gases

The d·flux multi-series is a fast and reliable multi-parameter mass flow meter for gases with measurement outputs for mass, volumetric and normalized flow, pressure, and temperature. One of the many advantages of this laminar flow meter is the ability to easily switch to a different gas without a loss in accuracy.

  • Flow ranges from 0-350 to 0-1400 ln/min for air
  • Multi-parameter: measures 5 variables
  • Up to 15 gases/mixtures pre-programmed
  • Process pressure up to 14 bar a
  • Digital communication & analog signals
  • Advanced diagnostics & alarm output

Capillary Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (MFC) for Gases

The SmartTrak® thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are true multi-gas digital MFC designed to deliver smooth, stable, accurate, and repeatable gas mass flow control you can rely on, every time.

  • Up to 0.5% full-scale accuracy
  • For corrosive and aggressive dry and clean gases
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel 316L
  • 10 pre-programmed gases, customer selectable
  • Operating pressure 35 bar
  • Measuring ranges from 4 mln/min up to 1000 ln/min

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with IP67 & Ex Protection

Reliable technology and industry-standard interfaces for rough environments: Our tried and tested thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases of the red-y smart series are now available as IP67 / NEMA 6 version.

  • Accurate & fast measurement/control
  • Analog and digital interface
  • IP67/NEMA6 and ATEX rating
  • Options: Multigas (up to 10 gases), Profibus
  • Measuring ranges from 25 mln/min up to 450 ln/min (27 SCCM – 480 SLPM)

Pressure Controller for Gases with Integrated Flow Measurement

The electronic red-y smart pressure controller combines the reliable technology of our digital mass flow controllers with electronic pressure control. The devices automatically control a predefined process pressure and at the same time measure and/or limit the flow rate. On-the-fly switching between pressure control and flow control offers maximum flexibility.

  • Pressure controller with flow measurement/limitation
  • Flow controller with pressure measurement
  • Pressure and back pressure devices
  • Analog and digital interface
  • Options: Multigas, Profibus, built-in display
  • Measuring ranges from 25 mln/min up to 450 ln/min (27 SCCM – 480 SLPM)

Variable Area Flowmeters & Control Valves for Gases

Our variable area flowmeter and control valve product line provides great functionality and design: the compact & slender flowmeters Q-Flow and the high-precision control valves M-Flow.

Vögtlin Instruments
Vögtlin Instruments Variable Area Flow Meter

Variable Area Flowmeters for Gases

Our proven Q-Flow is a modern VA flowmeter for gases built on the variable area principle. Designed in close collaboration with users, it combines our long experience and practical shop-floor requirements.

  • Compact and slender design
  • Glass measuring tubes in 2 sizes
  • Body in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Panel mounting design (plug-in)
  • Optional 15-turn control valve for smooth and accurate adjustment

High Precision Control Valves for Gases and Liquids

Vögtlin’s M-Flow micro needle valves were developed for fine dosages of gases and liquids and are the ideal solutions for precise OEM applications. The valves are an integrated constituent of our variable area flowmeters Q-Flow and our battery-powered mass flow meters red-y compact series.

  • High-precision flow rate setting
  • Leak-proof when closed
  • 15-turn spindle, no hysteresis
  • Optional digital display for reproducible settings

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