Microsensor Corp MPM4809TD Level Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MPM4809TD Level Transmitter is a submersible piezoresistive level measuring instrument with all seal construction. High stable and reliable piezoresistive pressure sensor and high-precision circuit chosen.

The whole temperature range of digital temperature compensation is done. Specialized cable is sealed with the housing. The air vented tube is inside of the cable. MPM4809TD can be used for a long time in the liquid that is compatible with transmitter housing material.

Microsensor Corp MPM4809TD Level Transmitter is small in size, light in weight, good stability in long term use. Customers do not need to adjust themselves. It can be used for level measurement and control in oil, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, power plant, mine, city water drainage and hydrology

Microsensor Corp MPM4809TD Features

  • Integrated construction, without outer adjustment
  • Reversed polarity protection
  • The protection grade of the sensor housing is IP68
  • The protection grade of the PD140 protection device is High reliable, stable in long term use

Construction material

  • Housing: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Cable: Polyurethane cable with air vented tube
  • Diaphragm: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Connection Device: PBT Engineering Plastics PBT

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Measuring range 0~2m Diesel Oil(proportion: 0.84~0.86)
Overpressure 2 times of FS(variation <0.3%)
Power supply 8~28V DC
Output 4~20mA DC(2-wire)
Accuracy ① 0.5%FS
Total error ② 1%(-10~80℃ )
Stability error 0.5%FS/Year
Working Temperature range -10~80℃
Storage Temperature range -20~80℃
Load resistance ≤(U-8)/0.02Ω
Response time ≤3s
Insulation ≥100MΩ/100V
Protection IP68
Relative Humidity 10%~95%RH
Vibration effect 3g(0~150Hz)
Life 10×106times full scale
Intrinsic Explosion proof Exia II BT6 Ga
① Testing is under normal temperature (refer to 20℃ ± 5℃ ); non-linearity. Accuracy is rms root-mean-square of non-linearity, repeatability, hysteresis.
② Within the temperature range, it includes total index of non-linearity, repeatability, hysteresis, zero drift, sensitivity drift, zero short-term stability etc.


  1. . Measured media should  be  compatible with transmitter material, and the density of the measured media should be clearly indicated (except water).
  2. It uses Polyurethane
  3. Cable length is as per the requirement of
  4. If clients has special requirement, please contact

Download Datasheet: MPM4809TD, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

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