FLocorp MEMFlo™ MFAM Volumetric VA Flow Meter

FLocorp MEMFlo™ MFAM are simple, accurate, meters for use in a wide range of industrial liquid and gas applications. These meters have excellent tolerance to suspended solids and measure flow to one percent accuracy.  With an all-metal design, these meters are ideal for high pressures, high temperatures, steam, dirty fluids, and harsh service environments.

MFAM All Metal Flow Meters use an internal magnet to carry an external indicator in a non-wetted enclosure. And they can be supplied with the MFT2™ 2-Wire Transmitters for flow rate and total. Additionally, these meters can be supplied with a high-temperature indicator option for service up to 600ºF.

FLocorp MEMFlo™ MFAM Features and Benefits

  • All metal construction for high pressures &
  • Ideal for steam service, very dirty fluids, and harsh service environments
  • The internal magnet carries an external indicator in a non- wetted enclosure.
  • Excellent tolerance to suspended
  • Extended flow ranges averaging 30 to
  • No springs, cams, or seals to wear
  • Standard 1/2” to 4” female NPT connections or optional flanges. Pipe adapters may be used for other sizes without affecting
  • Flows to 500 GPM liquids or 5750 SCFM
  • 360º rotation of scale. Special scales for other units or fluids & multiple scaling
  • Options include MFT2™ 2-Wire Flow Transmitter, Alarms, Pressure Gauge on Meter, and Oxygen cleaning.
  • Economically


Accuracy ± 1% of the 100% flow rate
 Repeatability 1/2” to 1-1½”: +/- 1/4% of the indicated flow rate
2” to 4”: +/- 1/2% of indicated flow rate
Rangeability 30 to 1 average
 Materials 1/2” to 2” Small Body: T-316 Stainless Steel
2” to 4” Large Body: Zinc Phosphate, Xylan 1052 coated steel with all stainless internals
Pressure Rating Up to 1000 psig
Temperature Rating Up to 600ºF (pressure ratings decrease at higher temperatures).
O-Rings Buna N standard; Viton, Ethylene- Propylene (EPR), Silicone, Neoprene, Teflon, Geothermal EPR (600º steam), and Kalrez optional.
Scales Standard direct reading (GPM or LPM Liquid, Sp. Gr. = 1.00 or SCFM Dry Air @ 100 psig, 70ºF.) or percentage scale. Special scales for other flow units or media conditions or mylar scales for corrosive environments are available. Scale length is approximately 3.2” for small bodies (1/2” to 2”) and 5.2” for large bodies (2” to 4”).

Ref; Flo-corp.comDownload Datasheet: MEMFlo™ MFAM, Flocorp-Volumetric VA Flow Meter

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