Apollo Valves 34C Series Commercial Master Mixers

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Apollo Valves 34C Series Mixing Valves are ASSE 1017 approved thermostatic mixing valves designed for high capacity commercial and institutional “point of source” applications. Featuring ease of maintenance and “Best in Class” flow rates, they provide reliable temperature control for large hot water distribution and hydronic heating systems.

Apollo Valves 34C Features

  • Standard Mix Temp. Range (-01) & Optional Hydronic High Temp. (-H1)
  • Sizes 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2” FNPT
  • Patented “Finger Grip” Pads for Easy Inline Shuttle Maintenance
  • Made in USA – ARRA compliant


  • 01 (Standard Temp 90°F – 140°F)
  • H1 (Hydronic, High Temps/Non-ASSE 130°F – 180°F)


  • ASSE 1017 – Temperature Actuated Mixing Valve for Hot Water Distribution Systems

Apollo Valves 34C Standard Material List

Body Bronze ASTM B584 C84400
Thermostat Copper / Wax Filled
Shuttle Catridge Glass Filled Noryl
Stem Brass ASTM B16 C36000
Retainer Brass ASTM B16 C36000
Spring Stainless Steel

Ref: http://www.apollovalves.com
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