Altra Motion Industrial Clutch and Brake System

Altra clutches and brake Founded in 1930, Industrial Clutch is recognized as a leading manufacturer of clutches, brakes, and controls for a variety of heavy-duty applications. Industrial Clutch specializes in providing a standard, modified or custom-engineered solutions to OEM’s and designers to meet their specific power transmission needs.

Industrial offers a complete line of low-inertia, dry clutches, and brakes including the LK clutch and LKB brake as well as several styles of wet, oil-immersed models that utilize oil shear technology required for many grueling applications. Industrial Clutch supports a variety of key markets including metal forming, mining, oil & gas, forestry, and marine.

Altra Clutches and Brake products

1. Dry Clutches & Brakes

  • Model LK Series Clutches


These low inertia air set clutches are ideal for use in marine, mining, and metal forming industries.


  • Model LKB Brakes

ic-lkb-series-brakesThese low inertia spring set, air release motor brakes feature high torque, low energy design, provide quick, smooth stopping and are ideal for failsafe protection of process equipment. Rugged design and large thermal load dissipation make these units very popular in the mining industry.

  • LKM Clutches

ic-heavy-duty-air-set-lkm-clutchLKM series clutches feature a self-adjusting separating system for wear and no adjustments are ever required by the user during regular use or during routine maintenance.  No plate contact can occur with this unique positive brake separation system and the many advantages of the disc a clutch can be fully realized for marine applications.

  • LKT Clutches

Industrial Clutch LKT Clutch Brake

The LKT clutch incorporates extremely low driven inertia and the quickest response with minimal air consumption of any clutch or brake available. It is an ideal choice for metal forming or indexing applications.


2. Oil Immersed Clutches & Brakes

  • CBA Series


Industrial Clutch CBA Clutch Brakes

The Model CBA combination clutch-brake is an oil immersed unit utilizing a self-contained cooling oil-pumping system and capable of being actuated with either air or hydraulic pressure.


  • CBH Series Clutch/Brakes

Industrial Clutch CBH Clutch Brakes

The Model CBH combination clutch-brakes are oil immersed units with a spring-set brake and hydraulically-set clutch. They are designed for extremely high cyclic rates for those applications that require a high degree of stopping accuracy


  • HBA/HBS Brakes


The Model HBA brake is an oil immersed, air or hydraulically set brake designed to be mounted on a drive train shaft extension. The Model HBS brake is identical to the Model HBA brake except the unit is designed to be spring-set and hydraulically or pneumatically released.


  • HC Clutches


The Model HC clutches are designed to be used in either an end of a shaft or through shaft mounting configuration. Their compact size makes these units ideal for incorporating within a gear housing. Multiple speed transmissions use a variety of these units to effect fixed mesh speed changes or they may be used as a stand-alone device for disconnect service.


  • Industrial Clutch LKB Brake for Mine Crusher
  • Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes for Blast Hole Drill
  • Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes for Mine Spreader
  • Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes for Mine Dragline
  • Industrial Clutch LKB Hydraulically-Released Brakes for Barge Dredge
  • Industrial Clutch HC Clutches for Marine Gearboxes

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