Hengstler ACURO AD35 Absolute Rotary Encoder

Hengstler ACURO AD35 Absolute Rotary Encoder its available with an 8 mm hub shaft and a resolution of up to 22 Bit Singleturn. The mechanical design consists of two ball bearings and flexible torque support. The AD35 complements the ACURO-DRIVE series and is appropriate for use within BLDC servo motors with small frame sizes.

The new and completely digital OptoAsic technology enables the transition to a truly digital drive system. The conventional absolute encoders still have analog sine wave signals for the feedback of speed and position data.

The AD35, however, provides fully digital position data up to 22 Bit over the BiSS interface with a variable clock rate up to 10 MHz. BiSS is the only open high speed bidirectional sensor interface available on the market. Backward compatibility to most of the existing drives is realized through the variant with SSI interface together with 2048 sine -cosine periods per revolution.

The AD35 has an integrated diagnostic system that controls and regulates the internal signals. Maximum motor uptime is achieved through the pre warning in case of any system error or aging effects well before they affect the function of the encoder.

A code plausibility check guarantees that the output data represents always the true position. Also the operating temperature can be measured and read out with 8 Bit resolution. If programmable limits are exceeded or under run this is indicated over warn and alarm bits.

Hengstler ACURO AD35 Absolute Rotary Encoder Features

  • Shortest absolute encoder in the world
  • Mounting depth 23,65 mm
  • The 8 mm hollow shaft is open at one end
  • Resolution up to 22 bits single-turn
  • +120°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
  • Plastic housing
  • BiSS or SSI interface
  • Sinewave 1 Vpp
  • 500 kHz bandwidth


  • Medical
  • Measuring instrument
  • Military
  • Robotics

Hengstler ACURO AD35 Absolute Rotary Encoder Specification

Product Family AD35
Ordering Information Rotary Encoder AD35
Function / Application Absolute
Technology Optical
Approval UL
Housing Diameter [mm] 38,1 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft Hollow 6 … 8 mm
Protection Rating Housing < IP40
Operating Temperature [°C] -15 … +120 °C
Housing Option Plastic
Connection Cable
PCB connector
Revolutions [rpm] 10,000 rpm
Resolution ST [Bit] 12 … 22 Bit
Interface BiSS / SSI

Download Data Sheet: Absolute Rotary Encoder ACURO AD35

Ref: hengstler.de

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