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Hard Chrome Rod, the hard chromium poiston rods produced by our company come with more than JIS S45C material but aiso in SCM440, SUS 304, SUS316, SUS431, SUS410, SUJ-2, where the rods first undergo precision milling and processing, and are then put through gard surface chromium treatment, allowing a surface precision level of f8, and a surface hardness reaching HV850 minimum and up, which not only help to improve wear resistance but also help to extend the life cycle of the rods, thus helping the customer save cost.

Hard Chrome Rod
Hard Chrome Rod

Hard Chrome Rod Purpose:

Piston Rod (Hard Chrome Piston Rod) for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder.

Performance of Corrosion Resistance

Hard Chrome Rod, the corrosion resistances is tested both in our own internal salt spray laboratory and Taiwan Metal Industries Research & Development Centre Regional R&D Service Department. The testing period reaches to 500 hours and is rated as 9.


Steel Grade : C45E (+N) (EN 10083)
Diameter range (metric): 6 – 200 mm
Diameter range (imperial): 1/4″ –  8″
Tolerance: ISO f7 (upon request: h7) (EN ISO 286-2)
Roundness: IT / 2
Standard length: – for Ø < 60 mm: 5600 – 6200 mm
– for Ø ≥ 60 mm: 6500 – 7200 mm
Upon request: special lengths on all diameters
Surface roughness: Ra max. 0.20 μm (statistic average: 0.05 – 0.15 μm)
(EN ISO 4287)
Chrome layer thickness: < Ø20 mm: min. 15 μm
≥ Ø20 mm: min. 20 μm
Chrome layer hardness: min. 900 HV(0.1)
Straightness: ≤ Ø16 mm: max. 0.3 mm : 1000 mm
> Ø16 mm: max. 0.2 mm : 1000 mm

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