Parker Hydraulic Gear Pump 20 Series

Parker Hydraulic Gear Pump 20 Series are an ideal power for the truck industry. With the ½” gears, it measures only 6” from mounting flange to the port end cover and weighs only 25 lbs. The PGP020 can produce flows up to 29 gpm @ 2400 rpm up to 3000 psi; output to 39 gpm @ 2400 rpm up to 2500 psi. Motors and pumps can be bi-rotational.

A variety of drive shafts and mounting styles are offered to meet your needs. Standard features include rigid, one-piece drive shaft and gears and pressure-balanced thrust plated, which assure top efficiency. A rugged, high-strength, cast iron body provides durability

Parker Hydraulic Gear Pump 20 Series Multiple Units

PGP020 pumps and motors can be assembled in tandem to provide additional pump flow or more motor torque from on the drive shaft. Each gear section is connected to the drive shaft by a connecting shaft. The strength of the shafts (their PL factor) determines the maximum gear width the pump or motor can turn at a given pressure.

To determine the unit’s PL, multiply the operating pressure (P) by the total gear width (L). Example: Assume a PGP020 pump will be operating at 3000 psi and have a 1½” gear housing. Multiply the total gear width of 1½” by the operating pressure. (1.5” gear width X 3000 psi) = 4500 This pump needs a drive shaft with a PL factor of 4500 or more to operate successfully. The PL factor for each drive shaft is given on pages 10 and 11.


  • Aluminum construction for excellent power to weight ratio.
  • Journal bearings for long life and good over-hung load capacity.
  • Buna-N seal is standard for petroleum & glycol-based fluids – “Viton®” seals are optional.
  • Pressure balanced plates for greater efficiency.
  • Maximum speed to 2500 RPM.
  • Fluid displacements up to 9.10 cir (149.1 ccr) each Section.
  • The maximum pressure to 2500 psi (172 bar).
  • Combined flow range up to 197 GPM (745.6 LPM) per section.
  • Available in a single or bi-rotational configuration.
    • [C] – Clockwise
    • [A] – Counter-Clockwise)

Available Configurations (Tandem units with:)

  • NST20 – flow-sensitive unloading valve.
  • NSD20 – flow-sensitive unloading valve & power beyond port for the unloading valve.
  • NSH20 – pressure-sensitive unloading valve.
  • NDS20 – pressure summation unloading valve.
  • NSHD20 – flow and pressure-sensitive unloading valve.
  • PSH20 – air operated unloading valve.

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