Cyclo Reducer with Torque Limiter

Cyclo Reducer with Torque Limiter is unique ‘gearless’ design is distinctly superior to common involute gear speed reducers, operating in compression rather than shear, resulting in minimal vibration, 500% Momentary shock-load capacity, Low backlash and extended operational life.

Cyclo Reducer with Torque Limiter Overview

Detect overloads instantaneously with installed torque limiter

  • Cyclo® reducer with installed torque limiter to detect overloads
  • Protects your valuable machines from catastrophic failure.
  • The torque limiting is applied at the drive part, allowing you a more accurate examination of your device safety factor, which makes optimal equipment design possible.
Cyclo 6000 Gearmotor Detail
Cyclo 6000 Gearmotor Detail

Technical Info

Output Shaft Solid shaft
Output Shaft Direction(s) Any Mounting Direction (horizontal, vertical downward, vertical upward)
Mounting Style Foot Mount, Flange Mount, Case Mount
Frame Size 15 sizes
Reduction Ratio 6:1 – 658503:1
Rated Torque 50 – 68200 N⋅m

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