Apollo Valves 215L or 230W Series Double Offset High Performance

Apollo International™ 215 and 230 Series double offset high performance butterfly valves are available in wafer or lug body design. Stainless steel models are certified lead-free with stainless steel disc and 17-4PH stainless steel stem.

Apollo Valves 215L or 230W Series Double Offset High Performance
215L or 230W Series Double Offset High Performance

215L or 215W Series Features

  • 215 Series Class 150# Carbon Steel (CWP 285) and 316 SS (CWP 275) 2” to 36”
  • 230 Series Class 300# Carbon Steel (CWP 740) and 316 SS (CWP 720) 2” – 24”
    ISO 5211 mounting flange allows choice of Apollo actuators and manual operators
  • Multi-bolt retainer holds and supports the seat. Standard valves are suitable for bi-directional dead-end service at the full pressure-temperature rating of the valve. Same material as the body
  • Well-suited for a wide range of liquid and steam applications, defined in the high performance butterfly valve pressure-temperature charts
  • Vacuum service to 29” Hg
  • Soft seats made from TFM 1700

Approvals and Certifications

  • NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 – Water Quality and NSF/ANSI 372 – Lead Free 2”- 24”, 215 & 230 Series with 316/CF8M Stainless Steel Body and Trim
  • Registered under Canadian Registration Number CRN# 0C17459.CL
  • CE marking and documented valves that conform to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU are available in ANSI Class 150/300 including soft seat configurations (sizes 2”-24” only)

Standards Compliance

  • ASME B16.10 “Face to Face and End to End Dimensions of Valves”
  • ASME B16.34 “Valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End”
  • ASME B16.5 “Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings”
  • ANSI/FCI 70-2 “For Control Valve Seat Leakage”
  • MSS SP-25 “Standard Marking System for Valves”
  • MSS SP-44 “Steel Pipe Line Flanges”
  • MSS SP-55 “Quality Standards for Steel Castings”
  • MSS SP-61 “Pressure Testing of Steel Valves”
  • MSS SP-68 “High Pressure Butterfly Valves with Offset Design”
  • API 598 American Petroleum Institute – “Valve Inspection and Testing”
  • API 609 American Petroleum Institute – “Butterfly Valves: Double Flanged, Lug and Wafer Type”
  • NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects” (2” – 24”, Stainless 215 & 230)
  • NSF/ANSI 372 “Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content” (2” – 24”, Stainless 215 & 230)



  • Valves are suitable for flow in either direction.


  • Valves are suitable for service at the end of a pipe, also known as “dead-end” service. Valve can be oriented in either direction.


  • Standard valves are rated for 29” Hg vacuum.


  • Valves are well-suited for a wide range of steam applications. The following steam working pressure (SWP) ratings apply to 215/230 models with standard

TFM 1700 soft seats.

  • 215 Series class 150# rated at 200 SWP

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