Bamo RDP 906 Pressure Reducing Valves

Bamo RDP 906 Pressure Reducing Valves maintains constant pressure downstream, at the adjusted value (lower than the upstream pressure). An EPDM diaphragm, PTFE coated, separates the mechanical parts body and the channel. All wetted parts are in plastics. The seat seal is in EPDM or FPM according to the model and connections.

Without any metallic parts exposed to the atmosphere, it allows a location in aggressive, corroding ambient. The downstream pressure is adjustable from 1 to 9 bar with an upstream pressure up to 10 bar. These equipment protection devices may be fitted in any position, in line, or on a by-pass according to the application.

Bamo RDP 906 Pressure Reducing Valves Features

  • All wetted parts in plastic
  • Protection of low pressure process lines
  • Body parts in PPH Glass fibre reinforced
  • PTFE coated diaphragm
  • Adjustable from 1 to 9 bar
  • From ND 10 to ND 25

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Bamo RDP 906 Pressure Reducing Valves Specification

Body: PPG (Glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene)
Diaphragm: EPDM, PTFE coated
Seat seal and O-rings: or EPDM or FPM
Adjustable range: 1…9 bar
Pressure: Class PN 10 (at 20°C) ; [bar]
Inlet / outlet size: ND 10 to ND 25
Connections: DIN 8068 threaded
PVC union to glue on site
PPH union to weld on site
Temperature limits PPH: 10 to 70°C ; PVC: 10 to 50°C


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