Eska ERG-SR Series Gas Pressure Regulator with OPSO

Eska ERG-SR Series Double Stage Gas Pressure Regulator with OPSO is used on gas line to reduce inlet pressure to desired outlet pressure. It is suitable for both commercial and residential usage where can be directly installed to gas meters with high operational reliability and accurate outlet pressure accuracy. Simple installation procedure.

Direction of the line can be inline or angle. Due to different inlet and outlet connection range, ERG-SR Series can be used along with pipe diameter from DN20 to DN50 with different thread standards as well as BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPP. (Also, can be added to flange connection.) The regulators are manufactured according to Ped Directive 2014/68/EU. The functional tests are performed according to EN334.

Eska ERG-SR Series Features

  • For medium pressure domestic or commercial second group gas lines.
  • Optional metallic mesh filter for easy change and guarantees longer operation life of regulator.
  • Outlet pressure tolerance is +%10 (AC10) up +- %5 (AC5)
  • Lock-up pressure tolerance is +%20 (SG20) up to 100 mbar outlet pressure, more than 100 mbar outlet pressure SG20 and SG10 possible.
  • Up to 6 bar inlet pressure.
  • 15 – 360 mbar outlet pressure range with interchangeable springs
  • OPSO pressure range 35 – 520 mbar • UPSO pressure range 8 – 250 mbar

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Medium Natural Gas, LPG and Non-Corrosive Gases
Operating temperature -20… + 60 °C (optional : -40… +60 °C)
Assembly Vertical and Horizontal Position
Maximum inlet pressure 6 bar
Outlet pressure range 15 to 360 mbar
Referring Ped 2014/68/EU
Filter Included
The ERG-SR Series pressure regulator body consists of: Loose nut or body thread or flanged connection
Outlet pressure test point
Integrated security valves
Materials Body and covers Aluminum comply with EN1706 standard
Rubber components comply with EN549.
Brass materials comply with EN12164 Standard.
Filter material is metallic mesh filter

Download Data Sheet: ERG-SR Double Stage Gas Pressure Regulator with OPSO


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