Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Side-stream Oil/Particulate in Water Analyzer

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Side-stream is a side-stream oil/particulate in water analyzer that combines video microscopy measurement for particle size analysis with the highly accurate Laser-Induced Fluorescence oil content measurement technique. This allows measurement of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), oil droplet size, and gas bubble size whilst still accurately measuring the concentration of oil in water. In addition to the EX-100M features, the EX-1000M model offers spectral analysis.

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Side-stream Features

  • Patented ultrasonic cleaning
  • Combination of Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and video microscopy measurement
  • Periodic homogenization of sample
  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Sample access point
  • Various microscopy measurement ranges configurable
  • Measurement repeatability ±1% of full-scale range (fluorescence and microscopy)
  • Particle and droplet size information e.g. Dv10, Dv50 and Dv90 data
  • Immediate on-screen results
  • Remote management and diagnosis
  • Easy to install (no sample conditioning required)
  • Multiple communications options – 4-20mA, HART, Modbus, Extended Ethernet
  • Integrated spectrometer
  • Automatic PDF report generation
  • Turbidity detection enables user to identify process upsets


  • Easy to use
  • Ability to measure and distinguish between oil, solids and gas particles
  • Low Cost Of Ownership (COO) with no routine maintenance
  • No degradation of signal or recalibration required
  • Droplet size compensation with homogenized samples
  • Sample point facilitates laboratory correlation
  • Remote control and monitoring (suitable for un-manned locations and remote process monitoring)

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Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Specifications

Microscopy Specification

  • Measurement principle: CCD Camera 2D Image
  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Image resolution: 2 Million Pixels
  • Illumination: Controlled LED
  • Number of images per dataset: 1-500 Images (User Configurable)
  • Time between each image: 1 to 10 Seconds (User Configurable)
  • Imaging modes: Flowing and static modes

Microscopy Image Processing

  • Advanced Sensors Image Processing Engine (no 3rd party Algorithms)
  • Shape and object matching used to classify objects in the image
  • No need to change parameters for different turbidity samples, due to automatic exposure time and multi-level image threshold algorithms

Microscopy Measured Items

  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Content (ppm): Hydrocarbon Droplets, Suspended Solids, Gas Bubbles
  • Size distribution: Hydrocarbon Droplets, Suspended Solids, Gas Bubbles
  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Turbidity: Measurements in AU***

Microscopy Concentration Measurement

  • Range: 0-500 ppm
  • Calibration: 4 parameter curve fit with gain correction
  • Repeatability: ±4% of full-scale range
  • Units of measure: ppm or mg/l

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000MMicroscopy Measured Parameters

  • ppm, % Concentration, High sensitivity circularity, Convexity, Size, Diameter ped (circle of equal perimeter), Length, Width, Turbidity, No. of Objects Per Image,
    Aspect Ratio, Elongation, Dv10, Dv50, Dv90, Dn10, Dn50, Dn90, Configurable Object Sharpness, Volume, Area

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Microscopy Size Range

  • Dimensional range: 1-450 µmǂ
  • Repeatability: ±4% of full-scale range
  • Calibration: Particle size calibrated with standardized beads

Microscopy Turbidity

  • Range: 0-1,500 AU Light
  • Optional Turbidity high alarm: Reports high ppm and Out of Range
  • Measurement timeline: Every Image Cycle

Fluorescence Specification

  • Measurement principle: Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • Range: 0-20,000 ppm*
  • Repeatability: ±1% of measurement range
  • Response time: 1 Second, continuous results

Spectrometer Specification (1000 models only)

  • Measurement Wavelength Range: 400-1,100 nm
  • Resolution: 0.5 nm

Data Storage

  • Image storage: 30-60 days depending on schedule
  • Data of every particle measured: 120 days storage

Operating Conditions

  • Process temperature: Up to 160°C
  • Process pressure (MAWP): Up to 35 barg
  • Process flow: Up to 10l/m**
  • Operational ambient temperature: -20°C to +55°C
  • Cleaning: Ultrasonic (automatic)


  • Power supply: 110 or 230 VAC (Pre-configured)
  • Power Frequency: 50 or 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W normal, 300W peak
  • Instrument air: 5.5-7 barg
    (for pneumatic valve; electric valve optional)
    (air must be filtered to <= 5µm)
  • Air Consumption: 450ml per rotation

Weight & Dimensions (for shipping)

  • Weight (including stand, standard pneumatic Stainless Steel valve assembly, termination box and isolation switch): 200kg
  • Dimensions: L 92 cm x W 83 cm x H 148 cm

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Communications

  • 4-20 mA (1): Passive, Configurable for measurement readings/temperature
  • Digital Input (1): Start/Stop cycle control
  • Digital Output (s): Configurable as alarm contacts
  • Remote access: Windows Remote Desktop
  • System data storage: >10 years
  • Security: 2 level password protection

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Optional Communications

  • Additional 4-20mA: Passive, Configurable for  measure measurement readings/temperature
  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M HART: Yes
  • Modbus RTU: Implemented via HART to Modbus converter
  • Extended Ethernet: 2 wire connection, capable of 1.3km distance

Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Additional Information

  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Flange fitting: 1” ANSI RF (various flange ratings available)
  • Wetted parts: 316L SS (Other material available upon request)
  • Manual sample take-off point: Integral to analyzer
  • Viewing window: Provided as standard
  • Ultrasonic: Homogenisation Automatic oil droplet size compensation
  • Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Automatic Oil Droplet Size compensation: Standard

Download Datasheet: Advanced Sensors EX-100M/1000M Side-stream Oil/Particulate in Water Analyser


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