AI- Tek Tachtrol 30 Series Tachometers

AI- Tek Tachtrol 30 has been designed with all of the functions and durability embodied in the previous tachometer series as well as improvements to extend performance, accuracy and function. The Tachometer Tachtrol 30 Series computing tachometer has a display, is panel-mounted, can measure two independent speed input frequencies, convert them to relevant units that drive visual displays, mechanical & solid state relays and analog output.

Not all tachometers are the same, and this is certainly true of the AI-Tek Instruments tachometry line. Designed with severe industrial environments in mind, these units will provide reliable aroundthe-clock operation for years under adverse conditions.

AI-Tek Instruments is a leader in manufacturing this type of instrument. Our prices reflect the design, quality, ruggedness and engineering of the equipment. What you really get with AI-Tek Instruments is a superb price performance ratio. It may not initially be the least expensive equipment available; but, in the long run, the value of this equipment is that it will outperform and outlast others.

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With the exception of the Tachtrol 20, both TACHPAK and TACHTROL now share a common processing platform. This commonality allows both to perform identical tachometry functions, streamlines programming and minimizes the learning curve. The main physical difference between the two is the characteristic integrated display function found in all Tachometers Tachtrol 30 Series.

AI- Tek Tachtrol 30 Features

  • Wide range of AC or DC power (12-30 Vdc, 80-264Vac 50-60Hz)
  • Greatly improved instrument accuracy, processing speed and response time.
  • Frequency, period or counter modes.
  • User-defined inputs for logic level, averaging, alarm set points and hysteresis,
  • Signal normalization and math functions allow mathematical manipulation of input signals. Results can be displayed along with user-defined units.
  • Accepts sinusoidal and square wave inputs as found in variable reluctance and digital output
    speed sensors.
  • Accepts bi-directional sensor inputs and will decode quadrature or direction signal logic
  • 2 solid state relays (fast response time) and 2 mechanical relays (high power)
  • Analog output: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, -20-0-(+) 20mA (can be used with bi-directional sensor)


  • Fast response overspeed shutdown
  • 2 Channel Speed/Draw Monior
  • Bi-directional Tachometer
  • Reverse Rotation Alarm
  • Low Speed Tachometer
  • Clutch Slip Alarm
  • Winder Control
  • Ahead/Astern Marine Tachometer
  • Expanded analog Scale Speed Transmitter

AI- Tek Tachtrol 30 Specification

Relays (Solid State)
Physical Form A
Contact Rating 400mA @ 60V (AC or DC)
On resistance: 2Ω max
Response Time (operate and release) Operate: 2 ms max, 0.8 ms typical
Release: 0.5 ms max, 0.1 ms typical
Electrical Isolation 500 Vrms, 1 minute
Switchpoint Accuracy Internal instrument accuracy to alarm
setpoint: ±.005%
Analog Output
Ranges 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, -20 to 0 to +20mA; user selectable
Accuracy Internal instrument accuracy: ±.005%; plus ±.05% of full scale range at room temp with 400 ohm load;
±0.1% over temp range and load range. Unit is factory calibrated. Can be re-calibrated using TACHLINK.
Resolution Step size: 610 nanoamps per lsb. 16 bit D/A
Linearity ±0.02% typical
Loop Impedance 100-1000 Ω
Response Time Input to output 6.55 msec+ 1 msec settle at 1kΩ (worst case) to .1% of final value
Electrical Isolation 500 Vrms continuous
Display (applies to TT & TTplus)
Resolution Black and White graphics display. 64×128 Pixels.
Accuracy ±.05% of full scale
Communication Protocol RS485: 19.2kbaud, 8-n-1 protocol, Half duplex, Tachometer is bus master

Download Data Sheet: Tachometers Tachtrol 30 Series


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