Mechatonics Eurosens DDS A axle load sensor

Mechatonics Eurosens DDS A(RS,CAN) axle load sensor

Eurosens DDS converts the angle of rotation of the sensor’s lever to  output signal. As the transducer is used magnetoresistive sensor.At the output of the sensor is formed stabilized analog voltage signal, which corresponds to the angular position of the pivot arm, changing depending on the load on the axle vehicle.


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Axle load sensor (leaf spring)

Eurosens DDS A output voltage:

Rotation angle, degrees Output voltage, V
– 40 1,54
– 30 1,78
– 20 2,02
– 10 2,26
0 2,50
10 2,74
20 2,98
30 3,22
40 3,46

Eurosens DDS RS uses LLS/MODBUS protocol

Eurosens DDS CAN uses CAN bus J1939 protocol with configurable PGN.

After installation and wiring Eurosens DDS you should perform a calibration in which you are mapping the output voltage to the load on the suspension of the vehicle.

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