Leuze Optical Distance Sensors


Leuze Optical Distance Sensors perform different measurement tasks in various applications with varying requirements with regard to accuracy, resolution, and size. To meet these diverse needs, the operating principles of triangulation, propagation time measurement, and phase measurement in different sensor sizes and specifications are covered by a wide range of optical distance sensors.

About Leuze Optical Distance Sensors

In highly automated systems in intralogistics and production, precise monitoring and measurement of distances are essential for smooth running in daily operations. Distance sensors are used for this purpose in, for example, object measurement, quality assurance in assembly lines, or collision protection of shuttles. We offer a comprehensive product range of optical distance sensors that enables pinpoint measurement, positioning, and quality assurance of any objects over long and short distances.

Leuze sensors are based on various measurement operating principles (triangulation measurement, time of flight measurement, phase measurement). These enable both the reproducible measurement of distances in the range of tenths of a millimeter as well as over larger distances in excess of 60 meters. The measurement data can be transferred with IO-Link and evaluated with software in the machine. Based on the current values, production processes can be constantly adapted and optimized.

Sensors for distance measurement with high precision

These optical distance sensors set standards for an economical solution in precision and operating comfort thanks to fast commissioning. The high resolution and accuracy are achieved at a short range using triangulation measurement; here, the distance is determined based on the angle. Owing to their high resolution, these sensors are ideal for object measurement or quality control. These sensors enable accurate measurements even under difficult conditions, e.g., with glossy objects, partially with the display. The distance sensors reveal their enormous potential for precision when used in combination with digital interfaces.

Sensors for distance measurement with a large operating range

These sensors are used for distance measurements with large operating ranges up to 65 m, whereby this is achieved using propagation time and phase measurement methods. Both approaches feature a constant resolution, an extremely small black-white error and high repeatability and are therefore also suitable for positioning applications. Reliable detection of dark, glossy and colored objects is possible. Status LED indicators on top and front allow detection of switching state from afar. Models (ODS10) with configuration options via IO-Link and Sensor Studio.

Laser positioning systems

Optical laser positioning systems calculate distances to moving system parts contact-free, quickly, and with absolute precision. In cycles lasting just milliseconds, the laser distance measuring system provides the position values required for dynamic control functions with millimeter accuracy using a selection of Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus interfaces. With these sensors, distances of up to 300 m can be calculated with maximum accuracy through the use of the latest signal processors.

Borderline situations are detected and diagnostic data is indicated with the integrated, extensive functionality catalog. Repeatability of 1 mm, with tested absolute measurement accuracy from ±2 mm to ±5 mm. With the PROFINET and PROFIBUS variants, a parallel SSI interface is available to directly supply the frequency inverter with position data.

The Products of Leuze Optical Distance Sensors

Leuze HRT 25B/L

Especially small distance sensor with an operating range of 3 m and 2 switching points

Leuze Optical Distance Sensors
Leuze HRT 25BL

Areas of application

  • Single-depth/double-depth compartment occupation check with containers
  • Collision protection

Operating principle

  • Phase measurement


  • Operating range up to 3 m on objects
  • Reproducibility: 15 mm
  • Dimensions: 15  39  29 mm
  • Signal output: 2 I/Os
  • For the detection of objects > 50  50 mm
  • Particularly suitable for integration in shuttles through low power consumption of < 35 mA
  • Small b/w error for color independence
  • Sensor with 2 push-pull switching outputs
  • Fast detection of the switching state by means of status display in the optics
  • Simple configuration via teach button or IO-Link
  • Fast alignment through large infrared light spot
  • Models available with activation input or teach input as well as 2 switching points
  • Connection with M12 connector or 2 m cable

Leuze ODSL 8

High-resolution, measuring distance sensor in metal housing for operating ranges of up to 500 mm

Leuze Optical Distance Sensors
Leuze ODSL 8

Areas of application

  • Height/width measurement
  • Quality assurance in assembly lines
  • Sag control of belts and films

Operating Principle

  • Triangulation with CCD line


  • Staggered operating ranges: 25 – 45, 20 – 200, 20 – 500 mm
  • Reproducibility: 0.2 – 0.5 mm
  • Resolution: 0.03 mm, 0.1 mm
  • Dimensions: 15  38  38 mm
  • Signal output: current output, voltage output, 2 I/Os
  • Detection of structured objects through various light-spot geometries (1  1 mm, 1  6 mm)
  • Robust construction for use under the most demanding environmental conditions, e.g., flying metal shavings, strong vibrations or drilling emulsions
  • Intuitive adjustment by means of rotary switch
  • Models available with 2 switching outputs and analog measurement value output
  • Connection with turnable M12 connector

Leuze ODS 9

High-resolution, measuring distance sensor with display for operating ranges of up to 650 mm

Leuze Optical Distance Sensors
Leuze ODS 9

Areas of application

  • Height/width measurement
  • Positioning of robots
  • Quality assurance in assembly lines

Operating Principle

  • Triangulation with CCD line


  • Staggered operating ranges: 50 – 100, 50 – 200, 40 – 450 and 50 – 650 mm
  • Reproducibility: 0.05 mm
  • Resolution: 0.01 mm, 0.1 mm
  • Dimensions: 21  50  50 mm
  • Signal output: current output, voltage output, IO-Link, 1 I/O
  • Support of the IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile for direct PLC integration
  • Extremely simple adjustment via control buttons and display or IO-Link
  • Configurable analog output for U/I and 1 switching output
  • Models with teach or activation input
  • Connection with turnable M12 connector

Applications of Leuze Optical Distance Sensors

Object measurement

  • Requirement: During machining processes, the raw material must be prepared in the same width for further processing. To facilitate this, the width is constantly measured on the materials handling system – in a higher or lower resolution depending on the object.
  • Solution: The ODSL 8 and ODS 9 sensors with different resolutions and operating ranges enable the measurement of objects of any size and shape.

Material thickness measurement

  • Requirement: To ensure an optimum punching process, the material thickness must be checked. This is performed by measuring the distance to the material with high resolution.
  • Solution: The ODSL 8 and ODS 9 sensors measure the distance with resolutions of up to 0.01 mm and thereby supply the basis for a high quality of this process step.

Quality assurance

  • Requirement: During assembly processes, the completeness or alignment of individual components must be ensured. To do this, reference points must be defi ned and checked.
  • Solution: Due to their high resolution at close range, the ODSL 8 and ODS 9 sensors are suitable for checking reference points. Robust plastic and metal housings are available.

Stack height measurement

  • Requirement: With machining processes, the raw material must be fed into the machine without interruption. To ensure this, the stack height on the load carrier must be constantly detected.
  • Solution: a wide selection of distance sensors with various resolutions and operating ranges enables height measurement of different stacked objects.

Sag/loop control

  • Requirement: If during clocked processes, raw material is fed in from coils, loop control must be performed to compensate for feed fl uctuations. To do this, it is necessary to check how taut the material is tensioned. By feeding in material in a timely manner, breakage is prevented.
  • Solution: The tension of the material can be monitored by measuring the sag. Due to their various light-spot geometries, the ODSL 8, ODS 10 and ODSL 96 sensors can reliably measure the sag of a wide range of different material surfaces.

Collision prevention for shuttles

  • Requirement: Shuttles in high-bay warehouses must detect the end of an aisle in good time. They can thereby slow down in a targeted and timely manner before reaching the mechanical limit stop.
  • Solution: Thanks to their compact construction, the ODS / HT 10 and ODS / HT 110 sensors can easily be integrated in shuttles. They measure the distance to the limit stop at the end of the aisle and deliver the measurement value to the microcontroller of the shuttle.

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