Microsensorcorp MDM3051S-DP Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

MDM3051S-DP Differential Pressure Transmitter is used for level, density, pressure and flow measurement of liquid, gas and steam. Then it will output a 4mA~20mA DC HART signal and also it could be connected to MS- HART375 hand communicator or RSM295 Modem to do the specification setting and process control.

The main unit includes a sensor and process connection, working principle as followed:

The sensor module uses whole welded technology, which has a compact overload diaphragm, a differential pressure sensor, and a temperature sensor. The temperature is taken as a reference for temperature compensation. The positive end of the differential pressure sensor is connected with the high-pressure chamber of the sensor capsule; the negative end is connected with the low-pressure chamber of the sensor capsule.

Through the isolated diaphragm and filling liquid, the differential pressure is transmitted to the silicon die in the inner of the differential pressure sensor, which makes the resistor of the sensor die change. So the detection system outputs a different voltage. The output voltage is in proportion to the pressure variation, and then it is transmitted to standard output by adapter and amplifier.

Microsensorcorp MDM3051S-DP Features

  • The central sensing element of the transmitter uses the world’s leading high- Accuracy silicon sensor technology, Basic error is ±0.075%
  • Working pressure of transmitter has three levels–160bar, 250bar and 400bar, the highest one-way overpressure is 400bar
  • Excellent static pressure performance, optimal static pressure error ≤±0.1%/100bar
  • The inner of pressure sensor integrates high sensitive temperature sensor
  • Excellent temperature performance, optimum≤± (0.20 ×TD+0.10)%×Span /-20℃ ~65℃
  • All stainless steel 316L, silicone oil filling with welded sealing construction
  • Stable and reliable, optimal long-term drift performance: ±0.1%/year, 5-year maintenance-free
  • Wide measured range: 1mbar~30bar
  • 100:1 pressure range proportion adjustable
  • EMC conforms to GB/T 1-2008 standard

Microsensorcorp MDM3051S-DP Specification

(Standard zero as the reference calibration range, Stainless steel 316L diaphragm, filling liquid is silicone oil)

Differential Pressure Transmitter (DP)

  • Measured media: gas, steam, liquid
  • Measured range(with no shift): 0mbar~1mbar…30bar
  • Basic error: ±0.075%
  • Diaphragm contacting with liquid: Stainless Steel 316L, Hast-alloy C

Download Datasheet: MDM3051S-DP, Microsensorcorp-Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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