Microsensorcorp MDM390 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MDM390 differential pressure transducer is produced by putting the OEM differential pressure sensor into full-welded housing with G1/4 female for both positive and negative cavities.

The transducer could be mounted into a measuring tube through a G1/4 female pressure port or a leading tube. It is a cable connection. The transducer could be widely used in industrial process control, flow measure, medical device, air dynamical measure, and liquid pressure instrument or pneumatic plant, etc.

Microsensorcorp MDM390 Features

  • OEM differential pressure sensor;
  • Full solid insulation, high stability, reliability, and accuracy;
  • Constant current supply;
  • static pressure 20MPa;
  • G1/4 female pressure port;
  • Liquid, gas, and other media differential pressure measurement;
  • Compact size.


  1. We suggest installing a tri-valve between measured point and transmitter so that the measured media could be put on positive and negative cavities slowly and This would help the transducer work safely and reliably;
  2. We suggest installing differential pressure transducer horizontally;
  3. Please pay attention that if the transducer’s range and static pressure could be suitable for measured pressure;
  4. Cable length: we provide standard 1.5m cable free of charge, the extra cable should be paid additionally;
  5. Please be careful that the pressure of the positive cavity should be bigger than negative

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Pressure range 0~35kPa…3.5MPa
Zero output ≤2mVDC
Output signal ≥60mVDC
+overpressure 2 times FS
-overpressure 1 time FS or 1MPa(min. value is valid)
Static pressure ≤20MPa
Static pressure effect ≤0.05mV/100kPa
Accuracy1 ±0.25%FS(typ.) ±0.5%FS(max.)
Zero drift <±0.02mV/℃
FS drift <±0.02%FS/℃
Relative humility ±0.3%FS/year(typ.) ±0.5%FS/year(max.)
Compensation temp. 0℃ ~50℃
Operation temp. -10℃ ~70℃
Storage temp. -20℃ ~85℃
 Response time + pressure cavity<3kHz

– pressure cavity<2kHz

Diaphragm Stainless steel 316L
Housing Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
O-ring Viton
Cable Φ7.2mm PVC cable
Insulation resistor 100MΩ,100VDC
Protection IP65
1: Non-linearity + Hysteresis + Repeatability

Download Datasheet: MDM390, Microsensorcorp-Differential Pressure Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com