Abacus Instruments Temperature Protector Alarm

Temperature Protector Alarm

Abacus Instruments provides measurement solutions for critical storage, process, and transport applications. Parameters monitored include temperature, humidity, and pressure within the Food, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Cold Chain Distribution industries. The company manufactures a range of products that can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or ‘tailor-made’ to meet specific requirements. Products range from circular chart recorders to temperature alarms to climate-controlled cabinets and transport boxes.

Abacus Instruments Limited is a leading supplier of temperature recording device consumables. This includes a large stock of chart paper and pen nibs for a majority of the world’s leading brands. Abacus Instruments constantly monitor current and proposed regulations to ensure that our instruments meet the latest requirements and operate a quality assurance program.

Abacus instruments are one of the leading suppliers of consumables for temperature recording devices. Devices include Circular Chart Recorders, Mini-Printers, and more. We hold a large stock of Charts, Graphs, Pens, and Accessories for the majority of the worlds leading Manufacturers. Abacus Instruments provide a return to factory calibration service for all temperature chart recorders and portable temperature equipment.

Abacus can provide a complete on-site calibration service to provide certification with full U.K.A.S traceability. This service is available to all food, pharmaceutical, and blood storage facilities.

Abacus Temperature Protector Alarm

The Abacus Temperature Alarm is a product from Abacus Instruments. This Temperature Alarm is specifically designed for temperature critical storage application. This category of product has some product such as MPA-2 Multi-Purpose Alarm, Protector Alarm, Protector 6, six-channel temperature alarm

The temperature protector alarm has been specifically designed for temperature critical storage applications. The temperature protector alarm has simple to use menus, a clear LCD display, alarm sounder, and volt free changeover alarm contacts.

The alarm output can be connected to building management systems, a GSM telemetry unit to send text alerts to mobile phones, or to an autodialler to send pre-recorded messages to mobile phones or landlines.

The Abacus temperature protector alarm is housed in a robust wall-mounted enclosure which, if required can be sealed to IP65. The connection of the temperature protector alarm is by vibration-proof sprung terminals mounted inside a protected terminal compartment. Knockouts are provided for up to 4 compression glands. The internal backup battery provides audible and high visibility alarms even if the power has failed.


  • High and low-temperature alarm
  • Mains failure alarm
  • Alarm contact input
  • Alarm override contact input
  • Full battery back up
  • Wall mount


  • Healthcare
  • Food Storage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Distribution
  • Medial
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution

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Dimensions 165 x 160 x 85mm
Sensor PT1000
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy 0.5°C
Temperature Range Alarm Contact Input
Alarm Contact Input Internally powered for volt free contacts
Alarm Override Contact Input Internally powered for volt free contacts
Alarm/ Alarm Override/ Mute Delays 2 to 90 minutes
Audible Alarm Sounder
Visual Alarm High Intensity LED Array
Outputs (Relay Contacts) Volt Free NO/ C/ NC (fail-safe to NC) 1.25A/ 240 Vac
Power Supply 140 Vac / 1.24 Vdc

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