Apollo Valves 20-601/602 Series Liquid Level Gauges

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Apollo Valves 20-601/602 Series Liquid Level Gauges Lever on standard 12-foot chain allows operator to open and close valves that would be beyond reach. Valve stems operate on quarter-turns.

Apollo Valves 20-601/602 Series Features

  • Quick opening, non-automatic
  • Service rating: 250 psig @ 400°F, 500 psig @ 100°F (See note!)
  • EPDM standard gauge glass gasket
  • Standard 1/4″ needle drain valve
  • Furnished with 12 feet of chain
  • H-2485 pull handle is standard
  • CRN Registered


Only properly trained personnel should install and maintain water gauge glass and connections. Remember to wear safety gloves and glasses during installation. Before installing, make sure all parts are free of chips and debris.

  1. Read all warnings and instructions before performing installation or maintenance.
  2. Apply thread sealant or tape to pipe threads. Install top gauge fitting (fitting without a drain valve) into the uppermost tapping, wrench tighten the getting until it is snug and the glass outlet is pointing at five o’clock (about 1/8 turn from its final downward vertical position).
  3. Install the bottom gauge fitting (the fitting with a drain valve until it is snug and the glass outlet is pointing directly upward.
  4. Remove glass packing nut, friction washer (or packing gland, depending on the model), and glass packing from each gauge fitting. Slide the packing nut, then friction washer or packing gland and then glass packing onto each end of glass.
  5. Gently insert one end of the glass into the top gauge fitting. Keeping the glass inside the top fitting, gently rotate the top gauge fitting clockwise until vertically aligned with the bottom gauge fitting, then insert glass into bottom fitting until glass bottoms out on the shoulder inside the bottom fitting.
  6. Carefully raise glass about 1/16” and slide lower glass packing down until the glass packing contacts the lower gauge fitting. DO NOT allow the glass to remain in contact with any metal!
  7. Carefully slide upper glass packing up as far as possible.
  8. Tighten (by hand) both glass packing nuts and then tighten ½ turn more by wrench. Tighten only enough to prevent leakage. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! If any leakage should occur, tighten slightly, a quarter turn at a time, checking for leakage after each turn.

Ref: apollovalves.com

Download Data Sheets : Apollo Valves 20-601/602 Series Liquid Level Gauges


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