Thermax 16 Level Thermometer – Liquid Crystal Thermometers

Thermax 16 Level Thermometer is a conventional Liquid Crystal range that offers an instant, accurate and easy to read indication of temperature, -30 to 100C.

Reversible Temperature Measurement

The labels are comprised of a series of liquid crystal formulations called events. Each event is precisely calibrated to show a green colour at the designated temperature, changing colour in sequence from tan to green to blue as the temperature increases. As a result, only one event will be green at any one time, which indicates the temperature.

Product Range

Many applications are well established and include products sold into the following areas: Food safety Fridge Thermometers,  Forehead/Fever Thermometers,  Aquarium Thermometers, Baby and Nursery Temperature Safety Products. Promotional – Advertising specialities. Medical and Laboratory – Skin temperature indicators and colour change labels for medical equipment. Industrial/Research and Testing – Colour Change Printing Inks, coatings and pigments, hot and cold warning labels.

Reversible Liquid Crystal Thermometers that display current temperature as a Green event

Thermax 16 Level Thermometer Product Specification :

  • Digitemp 16 Level 14 – 31C
  • Size: 5″x0.5″ / 127×12.75mm
  • Type: Vertical, Self Adhesive
  • Scale: °C and °F
  • Pack Size: Sold in units of 10

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A comprehensive system of thermometers based on proprietary formulations of liquid crystals that change color at designated temperatures.  The current temperature is displayed as a Green event.

For more information: Reversible Liquid Crystal  | Thermax Irreversible Temperature Labels


Rudy Wiratama

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