HPT Series connectors- Amphenol
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HPT Series Amphenol, connectors

It is suitable for AC power supply where a durable latch locking connector is required. They are rated at 16A, 250 Vac. It can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated.

MP-41 Series Multipin Connectors

MP-41 Multipin-Amphenol, Connectors

It utilizes the same design principals of the rugged Mil-C-5015 military connectors. They can withstand high shock and vibration environments and are ideal for tough on-road applications.



The AP Series Shell is manufactured from tough, durable thermoplastic, and ideal for fixed indoor installations. Both the EP and AP Series utilize the same contact and insulator components.

Plugs & Jacks Q-Series Plugs-Amphenol

Plugs & Jacks Q, Amphenol-Series Plugs

It offers two ranges of 1/4” Phone plug connectors to satisfy the needs of the manufacturer and the end-user. The PRO – a heavy-duty on-road plug and the MUSICIAN – a solid performing general use plug

G Type Mini XLR Cable Connectors- Amphenol

G Type Mini XLR, Amphenol-Cable Connectors

Amphenol’s plugs and sockets range continually expand to meet the needs of Amphenol customers. The Miniature XLR series was a natural progression from Amphenol standard XLR series.

AX Series XLR Cable Connectors-Amphenol

AX Series XLR, Amphenol-Cable Connectors

The revolutionary AX series of XLR connectors introduce an exciting contemporary look and feel to the professional audio interconnect market it designed to complement the modern audio architecture.

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heavy duty connector

Te Connectvity – H16A Hood and Housing

Hood dan Housing Tipe H16A cocok untuk digunakan dengan insert Tipe HA-16 dan HD-025. Tipe Ini menggunakan material Die Cast Aluminium Alloy dengan proses finishing Powder Coated.

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circular connector

NHVC Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

Electrical connector NHVC Series nanaboshi have two type current: High Voltage, small current: Shell Size 16, 30, 50 , High Voltage, High current: Shell Size 90, 120, 200