Kofloc RK1812/RK1814 Series Flowmeters with Photosensor


Kofloc RK1812/RK1814 Photosensor are enhanced models of the KOFLOC High Precision Flowmeters RK1200 and RK1400, respectively, by attaching photoswitch sensors for detection of float position and issuance of alarm signals.

Kofloc RK1812/RK1814 Photosensor Feature

  • Red LEDs are used to visualize projected light spots.
  • Stable and running modes of flows can be checked by pilot

Kofloc RK1400 High Pressure Flowmeter


Kofloc RK1400 High-Pressure Flowmeter top-grade high precision, float type area flowmeter is a fruit of KOFLOC‘s challenge to boost the general perception currently conceived by people of a flowmeter of being a “mere yardstick” into a new conception that a flowmeter is a “precision instrument.” This flowmeter particularly features its uniquely precision-formed glass …