Maeda Koki MKK Oil Signal Flow Indicator


Maeda Koki Oil Signal MKK Flow Indicator it confirms a flow of the oil by viewing by the moving ball with a zipper sleeve for copper pipe conclusion. It can for the exclusive use of the copper pipe

Maeda Koki Oil Signal Feature

  • Type for the exclusive use of the copper pipe
    • It is a rheoscope confirming a flow of the oil.
    • In the case of a slowdown machine, please choose MKK25-8-P.


Fluid Oil
Connection The reference mentioned above
(the exit side)
Heat-resistant temperature A maximum of 80 degrees Celsius
Withstand pressure 1MPa
Materials Transparent taper pipe Acrylic
Coupling C3604 (brass)
Cap nut C3604 (brass)
 Zipper sleeve Cu
Spring SUS304
Nylon ball Nylon 66

Flow Rate Oil Signal

Model Dimensions (mm) Maximum flow quantity
Connection Full length Overall width (L/min)
MKK15-4 φ 4 62 15 00.06
MKK25-4 φ 4 86 25 01.05
MKK25-6 φ 6 88 25 3
MKK25-8 φ 8 90 25 5
MKK25-10 φ 10 95 25 5
MKK30-10 φ 10 110 30 10
MKK30-12 φ 12 117 30 10


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