Abacus Temperature Instruments

Abacus Instruments provides measurement solutions for critical storage, process, and transport applications. Parameters monitored include temperature, humidity, and pressure within the Food, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Cold Chain Distribution industries.

General Information

The company manufactures a range of products that can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or ‘tailor-made’ to meet specific requirements. Products range from circular chart recorders to temperature alarms to climate-controlled cabinets and transport boxes.

Abacus Instruments Limited is a leading supplier of temperature recording device consumables. This includes a large stock of chart paper and pen nibs for a majority of the world’s leading brands.

Abacus Instruments constantly monitor current and proposed regulations to ensure that our instruments meet the latest requirements and operate a quality assurance program.

Abacus instruments are one of the leading suppliers of consumables for temperature recording devices. Devices include Circular Chart Recorders, Mini-Printers, and more.

We hold a large stock of Charts, Graphs, Pens, and Accessories for the majority of the worlds leading Manufacturers. Abacus Instruments provide a return to factory calibration service for all temperature chart recorders and portable temperature equipment.

Abacus can provide a complete on-site calibration service to provide certification with full U.K.A.S traceability. This service is available to all food, pharmaceutical, and blood storage facilities.

Product Category


Abacus Instruments
Mini-Char Temperature Recorders t MR Series

Circular Chart Temperature Recorders are a popular choice for monitoring and recording temperatures in a wide range of applications. They provide a clear and permanent temperature record, which is easy to read. The paper disks are convenient to store and provide a continuous record of temperature history. Low-cost consumables make the Mini-Chart and Mini Chart MR an attractive solution to meeting “Due Diligence” requirements.

Abacus Instruments Temperature Alarm

Abacus Multi-Purpose Alarm MPA-2
Temperature Multi-Purpose Alarm MPA-2 Series

Temperature Alarm is a product from Abacus Instruments. This Temperature Alarm is specifically designed for temperature critical storage application. This category of product has some product such as MPA-2 Multi-Purpose Alarm, Protector Alarm, Protector 6, six-channel temperature alarm

Abacus Instruments Climate Cabinet

Abacus Climate Cabinet AIC126
Climate Cabinet AIC216 Series

Our Climate Controlled Cabinets have been specifically designed to provide a reliable temperature-controlled environment for the storage of temperature-sensitive products.

The AIC126 and AIC68 are intended for use in a variety of sectors. The Cabinet is fitted with a digital controller which can be set by the operator.

The AIC126 maintains an accurate temperature, in both higher and lower ambient conditions, by automatically circulating heated and cooled air throughout the cabinet and sampling the temperature as the air circulates inside and returns to the air distribution system.

Transport Containers

Abacus Portable Transport Temperature
Portable Transport Temperature Containers AICT20 Series

Transport Containers designed to provide a reliable temperature-controlled environment for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Ideal for the transport of Temperature Sensitive products such as Vaccines, Blood Samples, Cultures and AI Breeding, and many more.

Data Loggers

Abacus Instruments
Battery Data Loggers TD & TB Series

Data Loggers is a product from Abacus Instruments. This Datalogger is waterproof rugged temperature loggers that offers a low-cost solution for monitoring temperature application. This category of a product just has one product such as TD & TB, Battery Data Loggers.

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