ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks

ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks After TE Connectivity took over the terminal blocks of the ABB brand Entrelec, Börsig is now an authorized distributor for the DACH – CZ – HU – PL – SK markets of this proven product range.

The high-quality Entrelec terminal blocks are characterized by their robust construction and are therefore particularly suitable for critical applications and demanding environments. The connections offer a variety of connection technologies, which are used in over 8,000 solutions, and are certified worldwide for a wide variety of applications, e.g. CB, UL, IEC, ATEX and CSA certifications.

ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks Benefits at a Glance:

  • Benefit from the highest quality
  • Simplify and accelerate your processes
  • The right offer for every connection requirement
  • Reliable delivery times
  • No minimum order value


  • Connection capacity from 0.22 to 300 mm²
  • Large range for all applications and functions
  • Worldwide availability
  • Exclusive solutions and connection technologies such as ADO system terminal blocks, Essailec test blocks and Interfast PLC system cabling

Overview of the Product Series

SNA Series (Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNA series)

Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNA series
Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNA series

The terminal blocks of the established SNA product range are available in both screw and bolt connection technology with a large selection of cross-sections and color variants. The SNA series is approved for standard and power applications up to 300 mm² (1,000 Kcmil).

Benefits :

  • Large selection of color variants: Improved overview in the control cabinet.
  • SNA connection technology (screw and bolt connection): Thanks to a specially developed, self-locking system, there is no need to retighten the screws.
  • Asymmetrical design: No more assembly and wiring errors.
  • Various mounting options (e.g. TS32 top hat rail, switch cabinet or control panel): Flexible installation possible.
  • Locking bolt: Up to 50% faster assembly, as 10 pre-assembled clamps can be attached to the top-hat rail thanks to the locking bolt.
  • Screwable cross connectors: Incorrect use can be avoided.


  • Connection capacity from 0.2 to 300 mm² (22 AWG to 1,000 Kcmil)
  • Connection technologies: screw connection, bolt connection
  • Available functions: feed-through, protective conductor, isolating, fuse, multi-level, test and measuring terminals
  • Bolt connection Terminal blocks available in bolt-bolt or bolt-screw connection technology
  • Large labeling area enables easy pre-marking with a marker pen or the use of labeling cards and labels

SNK Series  (Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNK series)

Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNK series
Entrelec terminal blocks of the SNK series

The innovative SNK series is available with the following connection technologies: PI spring connection (push-in and spring), screw and plug connection. The series enables a multitude of functions and solutions, as the accessories can be combined with all variants. The series was designed for worldwide use and for the most demanding environments, such as potentially explosive areas or rail, marine and solar applications.


  • Up to 50% shorter connection times and reduced conductor preparation thanks to PI spring connection technology.
  • Screw connection technology means that the connections no longer have to be retightened.
  • The PI spring and screw connection terminal blocks have standardized accessories and thus reduce inventories by up to 50%. Optimized accessories and direct connection functions enable faster selection and installation.
  • Assembly and wiring errors are reduced by the asymmetrical design and the large labeling area.
  • The terminal markings are clearly visible from every direction.


  • A multitude of functions and solutions available: feed-through, protective conductor, disconnect and fuse terminals, multi-level design and measuring disconnect terminal blocks
  • Exclusive to the SNK series: End plates and dividers fit several types and sizes of terminal blocks.
  • 2 bridging channels enable multiple configurations: bridging, testing and measuring.
  • Time and storage space savings with insulated plug-in cross-connectors, separable, up to 50-pin.
  • The flat labeling surface enables simple pre-marking or the use of labeling cards and labels.
  • Reduced installation time thanks to pluggable protective conductor terminals, end brackets, plugs and bridges.

Solution Series (Entrelec terminal blocks of the Solution series)

Entrelec terminal blocks of the Solution series
Entrelec terminal blocks of the Solution series

Versatile series with IDC (ADO), spring-loaded, quick connection technologies and specific solutions such as Interfast PLC system cabling and ESSAILEC transducer test blocks.


  • Reduced assembly time thanks to exclusive connection technologies (e.g. ADO System® (IDC) and Interfast PLC system cabling).
  • The spring-loaded terminal blocks with screw connection and Essailec® test blocks ensure a high level of reliability and user safety.
  • Simplified installation thanks to multifunctional products and pre-assembled terminal strips.


  • Large selection of terminal blocks, e.g. B. ADO System®, spring-loaded connectors or connectors
  • Essailec® test blocks enable safe current and voltage measurements
  • The Interfast offer with more than 600 I / O cards and compatible with many PLC manufacturers

ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks Diverse Connection Technologies

Screw connection technology

The screw connection technology stands for reliable and safe connections and prevents disconnection due to vibrations, impacts or even unintentional pulling on the conductor. The flexible screw connection allows the connection of a maximum of two conductors per terminal. A flap on the terminal cage prevents the cable from being inserted below the terminal cage. This reduces wiring errors.


  • Connection capacity from 0.2 to 240 mm²
  • Hardened steel ensures a robust connection
  • Integrated self-locking system makes tightening unnecessary
  • High torque resistance thanks to stamped terminals with 30% more threads
  • PI spring connection technology

The intelligent 2 in 1 PI connection technology offers the advantages of two technologies (push-in and spring) in one connection. The push-in mode ensures a 50% faster connection time and the spring mode reduces both the effort and preparation time of the conductor. The flat surface of the PI spring makes it easier to insert the conductor and screwdriver. The connection angle is 30 ° and ensures easy wiring.

  • Connection capacity from 0.2 to 25 mm² (26 to 4 AWG)
  • High corrosion resistance (> 1,000 h)
  • Stable electrical contact even in applications with frequent shocks and vibrations (e.g. railway applications)
  • Spring-assisted screw connection technology

The spring-supported screw connection technology – a combination of spring-supported screw terminal connection and angled wire end ferrule – guarantees the highest level of safety, even for demanding working conditions. An electrically conductive connection is guaranteed even if the screw is unintentionally pulled out. Thanks to the high wiring density (max. 2 cable lugs per terminal), space can be saved in the control cabinet.


  • Connection capacity from 0.22 to 10 mm² (22 – 6 AWG)
  • Robust construction (clamp cage + spring made of hardened steel)
  • Meets IEC and BS TS5018 standards
  • Pluggable connection technology

The pluggable connection technology guarantees the highest level of efficiency during installation. It improves system efficiency, increases productivity and optimizes wiring. The plug & play function ensures easy installation and commissioning. The assembly and testing time is reduced by up to 90%.

  • Connection capacity from 0.2 to 6 mm² (26 to 10 AWG)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • ADO System® IDC technology

The ADO System® technology is based on the Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technology (insulation displacement connection). This technology enables significant increases in productivity, as the wiring time is up to 80% shorter than with the screw connection. At the same time, it offers a safe and reliable connection even in demanding environments. Since the wiring can only be loosened with a tool, the connections are protected against unintentional manipulation.


  • Connection capacity from 0.22 to 4 mm² (24 to 12 AWG)
  • Technologies: ADO / screw connection and ADO / ADO terminal blocks
  • Gas-tight connection
  • Maintenance-free connection without screws
  • “C” -shaped jaws enable permanently balanced contact forces

ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks Bolt Connection Technology

The disconnect-proof bolt connection technology improves the wiring security through its “pull-off-safe” connection (bolt + cable lug). Thanks to the high wiring density of the bolt connection, space in the control cabinet can be saved. This connection technology is available with one or two conductors per stud. The range of applications for bolt connection technology is broad. It is ideal for industrial applications as well as for demanding environments (e.g. railways).


  • Connection capacity up to 300 mm² (1,000 Kcmil)
  • Vibration-resistant components (washers, nuts)
  • Adapted for industrial control or power distribution applications

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