MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments  is a global provider of instruments, systems, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, monitor, deliver, analyze, power and control critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity for our customers.

About MKS Instruments

Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, flow measurement and control, gas and vapor delivery, gas composition analysis, electronic control technology, reactive gas generation and delivery, power generation and delivery, vacuum technology, temperature sensing, lasers, photonics, optics, precision motion control, vibration control and laser-based manufacturing systems solutions. We also provide services relating to the maintenance and repair of our products, installation services and training. We primarily serve the semiconductor, advanced electronics and specialty industrial markets.

Field Service Support

With over 300 highly-skilled field and technical product support engineers around the globe, MKS is only an email, phone call, or text away. Field support engineers with years of technical industry experience, continuous factory and industry training, and the full support of MKS product engineers provide unparalleled service coverage for all MKS products.

Technical Product Support

We offer 24/7 worldwide technical product support. Our product experts and technicians average 20+ years of experience and provide installation, set-up, and advanced troubleshooting guidance.

Extended Warranty Program

MKS offers a 12-month extended warranty program for product still under warranty and purchased within the past year.

Global Service Database

Field visits, upgrades, and repairs are tracked in a comprehensive database accessible to your entire MKS support team.

Technical Training

Custom training programs available onsite, online, and at MKS locations around the world. Contact us to learn how to customize a technical training program to suit your needs.

Field Service Support Agreements

Custom service agreements are developed to match your technical and commercial requirements today and well into the future. We offer flexible programs to ensure your investment for the long run.

MKS Instruments Products

MKS Instruments Products
MKS Instruments Products

Capacitance Manometers

MKS Baratron® capacitance manometers are highly accurate and repeatable, insensitive to gas composition, compact, and easily interfaced with most process tools. We manufacture our diaphragm gauges almost exclusively using nickel-based alloys such as Inconel®, Incoloy® and others. This makes them highly resistant to corrosion when the materials are matched to the process. Our sensors are fully welded and 100% leak-checked prior to assembly. In the event of an extremely rare failure of the diaphragm, the process gases are completely contained within the sensor, preventing escape to the outside environment. No other pressure or vacuum gauge offers that level of safety.

  • Compact Pressure Transducers
  • General Purpose Pressure Transducers
  • High Performance Pressure Transducers
  • Industrial Pressure Transducers

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Mass flow controllers and meters are available in thermal and pressure based sensor technologies, analog and digital communication, and metal or elastomer seals. Enabling our customers to bring their products and processes to market faster, more reliably, and more cost effectively is at the heart of our flow measurement and control product design philosophy.

  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Mass Flow Meters
  • In Situ Flow Verifiers
  • Flow Ratio Controllers
  • Vapor Mass Flow Controllers
  • Mass Flow Controller Accessories

Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum users worldwide turn to MKS, Granville-Phillips® products for reliable, precise, dependable vacuum measurement technology for measuring pressure from 10-11 to 1500 Torr. Our vacuum gauges, transducers, sensors and controllers are based on multiple pressure measurement technologies including Convectron®, Micro-Ion®, MicroPirani™, Piezo hot and cold cathode, Stabil-Ion®, and MEMS-based multi-sensor technology.

  • Vacuum Pressure Transducers
  • Vacuum Pressure Sensors
  • Vacuum Gauge Controllers
  • Vacuum Gauge Accessories
  • Vacuum Gauge Calibration
  • Legacy Vacuum Gauges

Gas Analyzers

MKS gas analyzers employ Mass Spectrometry, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR), or Tunable Filter Spectroscopy to analyze gas composition.

  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Tunable Filter Spectrometers
  • FTIR Gas Analyzers
  • NDIR Gas Analyzers
  • Vacuum Quality Monitor Systems

Vacuum Flanges & Fittings

We offer ISO-KF, ISO-MF, ISO-BF, CF (ConFlat), and welded style vacuum fittings, vacuum flanges and vacuum components including elbows, reducers, tees, crosses, viewports, seals, adapters, clamps, hoses, flanges, tubes and tubing, and gaskets.

  • ISO-KF Flanges & Fittings
  • ISO-MF Flanges & Fittings
  • CF Flanges & Fittings
  • Butt Weld Flanges & Fittings
  • Custom Vacuum Fabrication

RF & Microwave Generators

MKS offers high reliability, compact, solid state, RF power generators and and microwave generators and systems.

  • Microwave Generators
  • RF Power Generators

Pressure Controllers & Valves

Our innovative solutions for vacuum pressure control are backed by our relentless focus on operational excellence to ensure your success by improving the productivity of vacuum processes.

  • Pressure Controllers
  • Vacuum Isolation Valves
  • Downstream Exhaust Throttle Valves
  • Upstream Flow Control Valves
  • Gate Valves

Plasma & Reactive Gas Solutions

IC architectures and new materials require innovation in materials processing. MKS delivers leading edge technology to improve productivity for deposition, etch and wet clean processes with Remote Plasma Sources, Ozone Generation and Dissolved Gases. With a commitment to pushing technology to meet our customers’ changing needs, our Plasma, Ozone and Dissolved Gas solutions improve productivity, process repeatability and overall product reliability.

  • Remote Plasma Sources
  • Ozone Generators & Systems
  • Dissolved Gas
  • Foreline Plasma Clean Systems

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