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Abest Technology Since 1980 have been a premiere designer and manufacturer of digital electronic measurement devices. Our products mainly cover the range of flow, level, pressure, temperature and humidity, etc., and can be used to measure water, fuel, oxygen, gas, argon, etc. Our products have been widely used in HVAC, building automation, water and waste water, irrigation, energy monitor, etc.

About Abest Technology

We focus on supplying advanced electronic test solution with good price. Except standard items, in order to meet special requirement, we can also provide professional customizing service with strong RD power, CNC machining capacity, plastic injection molding, etc.

With a strong presence throughout the globe we supply and offer our products via a dedicated sales and service channel to our valued clients and customers alike. Our aim over here is to enhance the productivity of our clients and in that stead we both design and manufacture the products we sell and make available to them. Our products have been sold to many counties, such as Europe Union, South Korea, India, South America, U.S.A., etc.

With a dedicated design and engineering team, our business model and the success which we have achieved thus far is a testament to our own passion for the work we do and the products which we offer. In the pursuit of high quality and design the one factor which we do not compromise upon is our own customer’s satisfaction in the end product which they receive.

Offering only the best at both compatible and comparable prices – at Abest Technology. we are your business partners and suppliers. Working with you we understand the internal workings of your business and offer the products to match it.

We strictly follow ISO9001 control system and always supply quality products with cost-effective solution. Our products have passed CE approval and part of models are manufactured as the standard as FDA, ROHS, etc.

Abest Technology Products

Abest Technology
Abest Technology Products

Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is famous for its unique non-invasive installing,which provides non intrusive flow measurement for closed pipe.Clamp on flow meters are also called as clamp on water flow meter,strap on flow meter,non contact flow meter,etc.It can measure liquid volume flow from external surface of closed pipe.The flow meters are mainly developed on two kinds of ultrasonic principles: transit-time and doppler. Transit-time flow meter is used to measure clean liquid, or liquid with average bubbles or particles,and typical application is water,fuel,alcohol,etc. Clamp on Doppler flow meter is mainly for dirty fluid measurement.

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Portable ultrasonic flow meter is designed to provide accurate liquid flow measurement in closed pipe.The portable flow meters are suitable for clean liquid or liquid with average bubble or particles. The liquid mainly includes potable water,ultra-pure water,sea water,sewage water,river water,alcohol,clean oil,etc.With clamp on flow transducers and battery power, portable flow meter is an ideal powerful tools for flow checking,comparison and survey. Light weight and rugged protection case make it convenient to carry.

Portable clamp on flow meters mainly have two kinds of flow converters:portable flow meter and handheld flow meter. Portable water flow meter has a bigger size,and has a longer battery time.Handheld flow meter has compact design and lower price. Portable flow can be also equipped with micro printer for spot data printing.

Handheld ultrasonic flow meter has a compact size and can be held by one hand. Portable type has a RS485 port or 4-20ma optional.Handheld unit has a RS232 9-pin port. Of course, this is not big difference. Handheld flow meter can be specially made with RS485 port or 4-20mA output.But if requires printer, portable flow meter is the sole choice. Otherwise, handheld flowmeter is a better choice because it has a higher cost-effective feature.

Battery Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic water meter is specially designed for accurate water flow measurement.It is developed on the principle of transit-time technology. Based on our patented low power consumption design,ultrasonic water flow meter can work for 4-10 years just by one piece of D size battery. As ultrasonic water meters are often installed in harsh environment,it is at least IP65 class water-proof, and higher class IP68 can be ordered as requirement.

As developed from ultrasonic inline&insertion flow meters,ultrasonic water meter also inherits related advantages from them.For example, no moving parts, no pressure loss, higher accuracy, wide flow range,low flow startup,digital display,etc. Meanwhile,ultrasonic water meter also has its main advantage-low power consumption and can be powered by built-in battery only. Thus,it is ideal to use for remote area without external power available.

As flow sensors, our ultrasonic water flow meters have two types: standard inline style and insertion hot-tap. Inline style is often seen everywhere because most of water meters and flow meters are using such design.Insertion type is developed for bigger pipe size with higher cost-effective. Inline type is easier to install. We also provide patent hot-tap installing tool for insertion flow sensors. With the tool, insertion water meters can be installed without flow stop while water pressure is below 0.8MPa. The tool can be used for repeated purpose.

At present, ultrasonic water meters are gaining more and more market share.It has a very promising prospect. It is the ideal choice to replace mechanical water meters in the world. Even though compete with electromagnetic water meters, ultrasonic water flow meters still have many advantages.

Magnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter provides accurate volumetric flow measurement for liquid in closed pipe. Electromagnetic flow meter is often called as: magnetic flow meter,mag flow meter,mag meter,mag-meter,electromagnetic water flow meter,etc. No matter what is called, magnetic flow meter is a kind of high accuracy flow device.Magnetic flow meter has been proved its strength in liquid flow measurement and widely used in the world.

Doppler Velocity/Level/Flow

Doppler velocity sensor utilizes doppler effect principle to measure sewer fluid velocity in open channel or partial and full pipe. With built-in sensing elements for temperature and pressure, the doppler flow meter can measure velocity, level, water temperature and flow rate.

Encased with engineering plastic enclosure, the doppler velocity sensor is completely sealed without ports and orifices. Without moving parts, there is no problem of silt blocking and grass entanglement. The probe is also solid and durable, and meanwhile it is easy to install and use. It can be installed under the water and the default depth is 10m, bigger depth (up to 100m) can be customized.

With velocity sensing point at front, doppler velocity sensor doesn’t damage flowing field, and feature high accuracy, wide range, high resolution, quick response time, etc. It can measure instant velocity and average velocity of at weak flow side or strong flow side. Linearity measurement and flow velocity calibration curve are not easy to be changed.

The doppler velocity flow sensor only has 3cm height and it can start measurement once probe submerged in water. When water level is 10cm higher than doppler sensor, it can start to work normally, thus it is especially suitable for application with low water level.

The doppler flow sensor can monitor velocity, level and temperature at the same time. If equipped with electronic converter, the doppler flow meter can easily calculate instant flow rate and flow totalizer with universal standard, e.g. full pipe, partial pipe, open channel, etc.. The flow sensors have been widely used for irrigation open channel, municipal sewer, hydrological basin and other applications.

Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The paddle wheel flow meter is a kind of economic water flow sensor. It measure flow by using impeller.It belongs to velocity flow device and can measure water in closed pipe.It features low cost ownership.The paddle wheel flow sensors can support pulse output. Insertion installing way make its has a light weight and similar to the data industrial flow sensors.

Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor

Hall effect flow sensor provides low cost solution for water flow measurement. Hall effect water flow sensors include 3 main parts: sensor body, hall effect part and paddle wheel sensor. There are 3 kinds of material for the flow sensors. They are stainless steel, copper and plastic plastic(e.g.POM). Stainless steel is expensive, so it is not main selling item. Thus, we will mainly introduce copper and plastic.

Hall effect water flow sensors can sense water flow by built-in wheel sensor. By the operation the flow sensors can calculate how much liquid flows through it.The hall effect parts inside flow sensor is sealed from the liquid and can make the sensor under dry and safe status. When flow sensors start to count flow rate, the magnetic hall effect sensor outputs an electrical pulse with every period.

The low cost water flow sensor is mainly used for small pipe size and usually below DN50mm. It supports hall effect pulse output and can output pulse to PLC, oscilloscope, or other pulse counter device. The pulse from hall effect sensor is simple square wave,thus it is very easy to use. With the pulse output, user can log and convert it to flow rate at liters per minute. The flow rate and pulse has certain formula relationship.

We can also supply secondary flow totalizer to gather pulses from the hall effect water flow sensor. By the flow totalizer, flow rate is accumulated.

Liquid Water Flow Switch

Flow switch is used to monitor fluid flow rate in closed pipe and then provide switch ON/OFF output signal as set point. When flow rate is higher or lower than set point, water flow switch will transmit switch or alarm signal to control system. Control system will do corresponding action to control water flow accordingly for example, when flow rate is over upper limit or lower limit, flow switch will produce switch signal to open pump or close pump.

Flow switches are developed on the basis of flow meters and flow sensors. A whole of flow switch usually requires two parts: flow measuring part and switch signal module. Switch signal is sent on the value of flow rate. Thus,the real-time flow rate is a deciding factor of the accuracy of flow switch.

Flow switch looks simple to manufacture. But in fact, it is not easy. Many companies are supplying flow switches,but many of them can’t provide a reliable flow measuring unit with good accuracy. By contrast, we have dealt with flow instruments for over decades of years and have accumulated rich experience in design and making. We are your reliable partner.

Optical Liquid Level Switches

Optical level sensors are designed on infrared-LED technology,thus it has no unreliable moving parts. The optical switches are small size and only need very small installing space in actual application.Meanwhile, for extreme difficult application for mini space, we also released ultra mini LED type optical level indicator. Thus, optical liquid level switches are an very ideal solution to detect small amounts of liquids.

For harsh application, we can develop different tip probe material and special enclosure for optical level sensors which are able can be used for harsh liquid for long-term.

We have some standard models ready for your selection,but we are willing to provide customization service for special requirement. The customizing items can include power supply, length of cable, connectors, high temperature, anti-corrosive, bigger pressure,etc. Anyway, as a leading supplier of optical level switches, we are always ready to fit your application requirements.

Mini Optical Level Sensor

Infrared optical level sensor is developed on the near-infrared measurement technology. It is a kind of low price liquid level switch without moving parts. The Optical level sensor is an innovative level measurement solution.It is used for point level monitor and level sensing.It has been widely used for water dispenser,water heater,humidifier,spa device,medical devices,lab instrumentation,other industries for level detecting,etc.

We supply wide range of infrared optical level sensors and optical level switches for high accuracy liquid level measurement and typical including water,oil,etc. It is used for point level detecting and can monitor high/low level.We have common purpose version for clean liquid with low viscosity, and have other versions for special applications.

Non-Contract Level Sensor Switch

Non contact water level sensor is designed to provide external liquid level measurement for non-metal containers and non-metal pipe/tube.The typical application is water tank level sensor,etc. With our patented technology, the non contact liquid level sensor can detect container level by simply attaching the sensor onto external surface of containers. That means it won’t contact liquid and don’t need to open closed container or cut it. Thus, it doesn’t pollute the liquid. The non-metal material can be plastic, glass,ceramics,etc,and typical non-metal containers mainly have tank,pipe,bottle,barrel,drum,etc.

The non contact liquid level sensor is developed on advanced signal process technology by high speed signal process chip. It can measure liquid level of closed container by penetrating the wall of container. The liquid level sensor is usually fixed on the vertical side of non-metal container, and doesn’t need to cut holes. It is easy to install and don’t stop manufacturing. It can still work well even though the containers have various of poisonous materials,strong acid, strong alkali,etc.

Low Power Hydrostatic Immersed Level

Ultrasonic water level sensor is developed on our experienced ultrasonic measurement technology. We have involved with research of ultrasonic sensors and transducers for over decades of years. Our ultrasonic sensors are widely used for flow, level ,distance, inspection, etc.

Ultrasonic water level transmitter is specially made for non-contact water level measurement with high cost-effective solution. It features compact size, integrated type, wholly water-proof sealing design, etc and can be used to replace mechanical level & distance test devices.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic water level sensor is developed on our experienced ultrasonic measurement technology. We have involved with research of ultrasonic sensors and transducers for over decades of years. Our ultrasonic sensors are widely used for flow, level ,distance, inspection, etc.

Ultrasonic water level transmitter is specially made for non-contact water level measurement with high cost-effective solution. It features compact size, integrated type, wholly water-proof sealing design, etc and can be used to replace mechanical level & distance test devices.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter,also called as ultrasonic level meters, are a kind of non contact level gauge devices,and it provides continuous level measurement for liquid and solid without touching fluid.Thus,it features non-contact, high cost-effective,high reliability,long life using,no moving parts,etc. Ultrasonic level transmitters don’t need to contact medium directly and have a wide range of application.

We have developed and manufacturer ultrasonic level transmitters for decades of years, and have owned our unique processing technology and production technique. We are always working hard to supply ultrasonic level transmitter with high-cost effective solution. With good performance, our ultrasonic level metes have been widely used in various of industries.

In order to meet unique requirement,we can also provide customizing service for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, small range measurement,etc.We also provide OEM service to help to build your business.

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor

The capactive fuel level sensor is specially designed for oil tank level measurement. Capactive fuel level sensor can provide accurate oil level measurement and widely used for railway locomotive, fuel tank, fuel generator, UVA(unmanned aerial vehicle), oil storage tank depot, truck tanks,etc.

Capactive fuel level sensor is made on capacitance conductive technology. Comparing with traditional oil float switch, it has no moving parts,thus it overcomes many defects of float switches which mainly easy blocking, shorter life, not reliable,poor accuracy,etc. Meanwhile, capactive level sensors can support remote signal output,e.g. 0-5V/10V, 4-20mA, RS485,HART,CAN-Bus,MODBUS,GPS,etc. You can monitor and manage your oil consumption at real-time without manual checking.

External Fuel Level Sensor

Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor is developed to provide external tank fuel gauge with digital display optional. The fuel gauge sensor provides continuous level measurement for diesel, petrol, water, milk and any other liquids(clean and average). With non contact working way, the fuel sensor is installed from tank bottom bottom and no need to cut oil tank. Thus, its installing is very simple, and features no cutting, no open, no fluid touching, no leakage risk, no risk of corrosion, etc.

The fuel tank level sensor utilizes high frequency ultrasonic time of flight principle with special digital signal processing technology, which can make sound wave to penetrate tank wall to sense liquid level inside tanks. By this, the fuel level sensor has been widely used for various of trucks and engineering machinery,e.g. truck,excavator, mining truck, mixer truck, bus, taxi, tractor, generator,etc.

Clamp on Level Controller

The liquid ultrasonic tank level sensor is an innovation electronic level device for external liquid level measurement. Based on ultrasound echo principle,the ultrasonic liquid level sensor adopts ultrasonic penetration technology to sense non-contact liquid level in container, and can be used for high temperature and high-pressure closed container.Except for common liquids,the level sensor can also provide accurate level measurement for a variety of toxic substances, strong acid, strong alkali and a variety of pure liquid.

External installing way is different from traditional type ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Traditional ultrasonic level sensor is usually required to be directly face to level and doesn’t allow to be blocked,otherwise traditional type can work. Thus, container is closed tank,it require to cut to make ultrasound through.

Electronic Level Sensor Controller

The water level controller is developed on the basis of electronic level sensor switch. It utilizes technology of electrical capacitive level measurement. It focuses on sensing function and safe function of water level measurement, and can provide very reliable water level checking. The electronic water level switch has no mechanical moving parts, and doesn’t need electrode to judge water level. It can judge water by sensing water level. Its main part is plastic PVC and working voltage is 5-24Vdc which belongs to safety voltage range. Even though the cable is worn to be leakage of electricity, there is no any danger to human body.

Low Power IOT LPWAN Pressure Sensors

Low power LPWAN sensors are important components for internet of things(IOT). LPWAN is the meaning of Low Power Wide Area Network, which decides the LPWAN sensor should be low power consumption,meanwhile, longer working life by battey power can be ensured. LPWAN sensors have many kinds and we mainly provide high class sensors for pressure,level,flow,temperature,etc. They have been widely integrated with various wireless IOT technologies,and typical have LoRaWan, NB-IOT, Zigbee, Bluetooth,GSM/GPRS,etc.

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Digital differential pressure gauge is developed from high accuracy MEMS sensing technology and digital processing circuit. It can measure positive pressure,negative pressure and differential pressure. It can completely replace mechanical dial pressure gauge. It can be used to test pressure and differential pressure of fan and air blower,filter resistance, wind velocity, boiler ventilating, medical,orifice plate,etc.

The differential pressure indicator has no moving parts,so it features good performance,longer time,etc,its accuracy can reach ±1%FS or 0.5%. Digital display LCD/LED screen make value easy to read.Ultra-small design also make it installed on wall or embedded way. Local keys support setting functions of zero point calibration, unit changing, refreshing display time setup,auto sleep time setup,etc.

Differential Air Pressure Sensor

The differential air pressure sensor transmitter is developed on the basis of industrial class advanced ICs technology.It can be used for the measurement for air pressure and air differential pressure . It can be used for air and other dry nonflammable gas without corrosive. By the built-in electronic wiring, the physical value can be transmitted to analog voltage and current output or digital serial port output with Modbus protocol. The differential pressure sensor is not used for pressure measurement of liquids.

The air differential pressure transmitter can provide high accuracy with low price. It is our standard type pressure transmitter.With metal enclosure and advanced air differential pressure sensor, the air differential pressure transducer can ensure high performance with good cost-effective solution. The differential pressure transmitters have been widely used for HVAC,building automation,electric power, environmental protection, dust removal,light spinning, leak detection, etc.

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