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BiS Valves Ltd. was originally founded in 1971 as ‘Bournemouth Industrial Supplies’. The founder, Ralph Burgas, was Managing Director and owner until his retirement in 1995.

General Information

The company was acquired and managed by Paul Gardiner, with Matthew Smith and David Kelly as production and technical directors. In 1998 the company name was changed to ‘BiS Valves Ltd’.

Following the departure of Paul in 2002, Matthew and David jointly managed the company until mid 2007. Following the sad loss of Matthew, David assumed full responsibility as Managing Director. In March 2014 after 23 years at BiS Valves, David Kelly, Managing Director and majority shareholder, handed over the day to day leadership of the business to Nick Frost, previously Technical Director.

BiS Valves Certification

BiS operate a management system approved in accordance with ISO 9001. Sales, order processing and inventory control are coordinated via an integrated computerised business system. Strategic stocks of key components coupled with a flexible manufacturing system enable a fast response to customer orders.

As an International supplier, BiS have an established network of distributors in strategic locations around the world; all locations are listed on this site.

BiS Valves Products

BiS Valves Products
BiS Valves Products

BiS offer a broad range of standard pressure and flow control products. As a specialist manufacturer, they also offer bespoke solutions designed to meet individual customer requirements. Various material options are available, ranging from stainless steel to super duplex, hastelloy and titanium.

Solenoid Valves

BiS Valves do offer direct acting 2 position 3 port solenoid actuated valves for use as pilot valves and for single stage operation with flows up to 15 l/min. A number of solenoid thrusters are available, including industrial enclosures; subsea designs and ATEX approved solenoids for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas. Manufactured mostly from stainless steel, valves are available as standard ported designs or for manifold mounting, and for use with a range of media, including air and other gases, oil, water, water glycol mixes and sea water.

Stop & Metering Valves

Our range of stop and metering valves can be supplied to suit your installation configuration requirements, including inline, manifold mounted or cartridge types for inclusion in your own manifold. Stop valves provide a full positive shut-off function, while metering valves, which are mostly supplied with a graduated micrometer style adjustment, can be used to provide speed control or any other simple orifice function where adjustment is required. Pressure compensated flow control valves are also available, providing a constant flow rate in situations where the load or supply pressure varies.

3 Ported Directional Control Valves

The 3B series of 2 position 3 ported directional control valves are available for use on a wide range of media, from gases to sea water and many difficult and hazardous chemicals and fluids. Using a balanced poppet design, actuation of these valves is completely independent from the main line pressures, making switching reliable and consistent. With a vent chamber between the main ports and the pilot system, different pilot and main line fluids may be used without fear of accidental mixing or contamination. Various actuation methods are available, including hydraulic and pneumatic pilots, levers and cams.

4 Ported Directional Control Valves

The BiS range of 4 port directional valves include both balanced poppet and rotary shear seal designs, commonly used to give control of double acting actuators. The 4R series valves are lever operated 2 or 3 position rotary valves offering 90° manual actuation, in both detented and non-detented configurations, and with a range of centre conditions. They may be used in many different installations, with standard threaded porting, directly mounted on manifolds, or mounted behind panels. When manual control is not required, the 6B range of 2 position 4 way valves offer other methods of actuation, such as hydraulic and pneumatic pilots.

Check & Shuttle Valves

The BiS range of inline check valves is a comprehensive range comprising nominal bore sizes from 1/4” to 2”. Manufactured from stainless steel, they are suited to use with a wide range of liquids and gases, with pressures up to 1379 bar (20,000 psi). High cracking pressure check valves are also available by contacting the factory. In addition, there are cartridge check valves for use in manifolds or for direct integration into other equipment. The SV range of shuttle valves may be selected when it is necessary for a valve to select the higher of two pressures, a function often used when redundancy of pilot systems is required.

Pilot Operated Check Valves

Our standard range comprises single and dual pilot operated check valves, decompression checks designed to reduce shock when a high pressure line is opened, and unloader valves. Actuation may be achieved by hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever or cam.

Relief Valves

We offer a comprehensive range of safety relief and relief valves for use on a wide range of media, from low pressure valves that vent to atmosphere, to high pressure (1379 bar, 20,000 psi) piped return valves. Typically, low pressure valves offer a pop-open style characteristic, while higher pressure valves offer proportional or metering style operation. BiS relief valves are CE marked to denote approval as Category IV safety accessories under the 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive. Many options are available, including cartridge and manifold mounted versions, and many valves are available in exotic materials via the factory, including monel, inconel, hastelloy and titanium.

Excess Flow Valves

Our range of excess flow valves are designed to meet the exacting standards of the oil & gas and petro-chemical markets. Their primary function is to shut a line down in the event of breakage or rupture of a downstream pipe or hose, or any other application where excessive flow must be avoided.


BiS Valves offer a wide range of filtration products, ranging from small component protection filters or strainers to full pressure main line filter units. Available with a wide range of mesh ratings, our F and EF series filters can provide vital protection for contaminant sensitive downstream components, and are particularly designed to protect against rogue pieces of debris that have passed the main line filtration or were built into the system during manufacture. Our SF and DF filters may be used as main line filters in the supply line, and offer various features such as bypasses, clogging indicators, and for the duplex style filters, on-line servicing.

Pressure Sensing Valves

The 3SV series-sensing valve is configured to provide a low-pressure signal switch, dependent on a separate sensed pressure of up to 414 bar (6,000 psi). The product can be used to provide a pilot pressure signal to actuate another valve when the status of a second service rises or falls beyond a pre-set pressure.


Our range of low flow piston pumps offer high pressures up to 827 bar (12,000 psi). Designed for use primarily with mineral oil, certain limited use with water glycols is also permitted.

Actuators & Solenoid Thrusters

We have a comprehensive range of actuators for our complete range of products. Choose  from pneumatic or hydraulic, diaphragm or piston actuators. In addition we also offer Solenoid (Baseefa approved) and manual rotary and linear actuators.

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