Boehmer Ball Valves

Boehmer Ball Valves requires of its products. For 60 years in Sprockhövel and since 1999 in the second plant in Hattingen, Böhmer has been manufacturing ball valves that set standards in quality and operational safety.

General Information

At the beginning, there was the idea of developing a safety shutdown valve for mining. The success of this product soon prompted our company to expand its portfolio to include oil, gas and district heating. Böhmer now manufactures ball valves for nearly every application, in sizes from DN 3 to DN 1400 (1/8″ to 56″), suitable for pressures of up to 500 bar (Class 2500).

No fear of difficult fluids

Whether gasses, liquids or solids, sturdy designs and very durable materials are used to meet extreme demands. The absolute suitability of Böhmer ball valves has been proven by all established test and certification procedures. It is no coincidence that Böhmer products are most frequently used as references when high performance of safety shutdown valves is required.

To maintain this status, we continuously invest in modernization and innovation. In our production facilities we have one of the most modern machinery in Germany. New materials, constructions and procedures are developed in house and extensively tested. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is ultimately the experience and motivation of our employees that make the high quality of the product possible. True to our motto: Our experience – your safety.

Boehmer Ball Valves Products

Fully-Welded Ball Valves

Ball valves are often subjected to extreme conditions, especially when used in pipelines. To withstand even the highest loads, Böhmer ball valves are therefore welded through the entire cross-section. Thus, weakening of the construction, for example by stress corrosion cracking on the weld seams, is actively counteracted.

Boehmer Fully-Welded Ball Valves
Boehmer Fully-Welded Ball Valves

Böhmer is one of the few manufacturers that actually welds the weld seams of its fittings over the entire cross-section using a complex process. Various testing procedures are used to confirm the tightness of the entire ball valve. Furthermore, weld seams undergo visual, magnet particle, ultrasonic and – if requested – radiographic testing.

And we do not rely only on ourselves. We contract external institutions to confirm the perfection of our products. The weld seams thus comply with the legal regulations for the construction of pipelines, reservoirs, tanks and containers.

Split-Body Ball Valves

Split body ball valves up to a nominal diameter of 56 inch are a integral component part of the Böhmer product line. Ball valves of this design are well suited for extremely abrasive and corrosive fluids.

Boehmer Split-Body Ball Valves
Boehmer Split-Body Ball Valves

Böhmer ball valves with two-piece or three-piece bodies are designed for easy maintenance thanks to their continually improved design. Components or complete shutdown units can be replaced easily and efficiently.

Buried Ball Valves

In urban areas, densely populated industrial parks and at all places where every square meter counts and where media in underground pipe systems must be reliably shut off, our buried ball valves are in use.

Boehmer Buried Ball Valves
Boehmer Buried Ball Valves

Buried pipes are complex in construction and are also subject to strict regulations to protect the environment. Therefore, it must be ensured that all components remain emission-free and reliable over long periods of time. Böhmer ball valves are manufactured with experience, great know-how and high quality standards. Thanks to these ingredients, Böhmer ball valves are ideal for use in underground pipelines.

Our valves are characterized by absolute freedom from leaks, extreme longevity and low maintenance requirements. This is ensured, among other things, by the construction with fully welded seams and redundant sealing systems, which ensure that corrosive influences remain outside and the medium stays inside.

The quality of our products is backed up by all necessary certificates and the fulfillment of all standards. In this way, we simultaneously protect the environment and the interests of our customers with our products.

Multi-Way Ball Valves

Multi-way ball valves from Böhmer, with three or four passages up to DN 100, are versatile in the truest sense of the word.

Boehmer Multi-Way Ball Valves
Boehmer Multi-Way Ball Valves

Our valves are used for a variety of purposes. In shipping, for example, they ensure the smooth switching of alternative fuels. At the production of fine chemicals, on the other hand, our ball valves are used within the production lines of the pharmaceutical industry or cosmetics industry. The precise end stops of the Böhmer multi-way ball valves guarantee a safe shut-off or a clear switching between the different passes.

The design of the balls and the tried-and-tested sealing technology prevent uncontrolled mixing of the connected media. We offer a wide range of multi-way ball valves with T, L, and X drilled balls, various material and seal configurations as well as with threads or flange connections.

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