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BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH offers solutions for industrial flame monitoring. Through close cooperation and continuous exchange with our customers, we are always developing new systems and forward-looking technologies.

General Information

Over the course of time, more than 20 patents have been applied for and granted. This has made BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH a market leader in the field of flame monitoring with representatives in over 20 countries worldwide.

Together with its sister company BST Solutions, BFI Automation forms the Mindermann Group and thus the only group offering flame monitoring from heating technology to industrial firing systems and large-scale power plants. Reliable, safe and technologically at the highest level – this is what the Flamonitec brand stands for – worldwide!


The growing demands for safety and the increasing importance of environmental protection present new challenges for industrial companies. The Flamonitec product range offers the right flame monitoring system with all relevant safety certificates for every combustion process.

Through their maximum quality and over-fulfilment of safety standards, Flamonitec products help to meet these challenges appropriately. A good example is that our Flamonitec System 3000 has already met today’s safety requirements according to SIL3 for 25 years.

BFI Automation Products

The flame monitoring system can be realised in conventional and compact design. The different systems are clearly presented here.

Flamonitec Flame Monitoring System 3000

All flame scanners, in conjunction with a Series 3000 flame controller, form a complete flame monitoring system. The Flame Monitoring and Evaluation System 3000 has been developed with safety progress and optimum plant availability in mind.

Flame Monitoring System 3000
Flame Monitoring System 3000

The aim is to monitor combustion plants safely and reliably and to provide criteria for optimising the combustion process and reducing pollutant emissions. The system is able to distinguish the flames of different burners in a combustion chamber and thus to monitor them selectively.

Due to the very robust, wear-free sensor technology and the fully electronic shutter, the flame monitoring system is almost maintenance-free and enables many years of reliable firing operation. The flame monitoring system 3000 includes different flame controller in 19″ plug-in technology. They contain all the control logic and provide the signals for external processing.

Flamonitec Compact Flame Controller

Since BFI Automation launched the first compact flame controller for continuous operation in 1990, we have been working continuously on optimising this technology. The compact flame controller combine the former system consisting of sensor and amplifier in one housing.

Compact Flame Controller
Compact Flame Controller

The compact flame controller is connected directly to the burner control or control system. This eliminates the need for additional space for the amplifier/monitor and the associated cabling. Compact flame controller are therefore not only suitable for new equipment, but especially for retrofits or conversions.

Through various sensors and expansion stages, BFI Automation offers the right and most suitable compact flame controller for every area of application. Whether single burners with different fuels or multi-burner systems as in large power plants with bus systems, we always offer the right solution. Almost all compact flame controller can be supplied with fibre optic technology and/or for explosion protection in zone 1 or 2.

Flamonitec Fiber Optic Technology

For loss-free transmission of flame radiation to the flame scanner or compact flame controller. Particularly suitable for high operating temperatures (up to 600°C) and/or strong vibrations.

Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics

The optical fibre consists of a glass fibre bundle with up to 130 fibres. In combination with BFI flame detector technology, you receive monitoring systems for particularly rough and difficult environmental conditions. The extended transmission range offers solutions for all applications.

Flamonitec Accessories

BFI Automation Accessories
BFI Automation Accessories

BFI Automation has useful accessories from the electrical to mechanical connection of the flame monitoring system. Furthermore, various components are available to optimise/expand your Flamonitec flame monitoring system.

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