Adalit by Adaro Tecnología Torch and Lamp

Adalit Adaro Tecnología Torch descends from different business names, locations, and several generations of the same family, from the original Adaro & Marín Society, founded in 1902 by Luis Adaro y Magro. Since the ’90s were a period of great change and diversification for Adaro.

General Information

Given that it was preparing for the management of a new era, the company from early on, leaned on innovation and the use of advanced technologies, for which the Research and Development and Innovation department was established.

At the same time, it committed to quality in order to undertake, more thoroughly, future commitments and so, in the year 1996 the company was awarded the Certificate of Approval of its quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.

As a result of these actions, the future of the company has been refocused to lead the market segments where the use of ATEX certified torches designed to work in potentially explosive atmospheres is a mandatory requirement. This is how the ADALIT range of rechargeable security torches is born.

Adalit Adaro Tecnología Torch used by the most important fire brigades in Europe, as well as by industry, military, and rescue services. The latest models launched in the market, such as the Adalit L.3000, Adalit L-10, Adalit L-5, and Adalit L-5000 torches incorporate ultralight lithium-ion batteries and the latest technology in lighting based on high power LEDs.

During the past three decades, the company has strengthened and consolidated its degree of internationalization, establishing a solid network of distributors and agents abroad, which has resulted in Adaro becoming, nowadays, is a company fully focused abroad with clients in a great diversity of countries.

This process of internationalization, in continuous expansion, allows Adaro to have reached an export volume that represents 85% of the total equipment produced, consolidating its sales in more than 40 countries.

Ultimately, Adalit Adaro Tecnología Torch incorporates the most advanced technology with the main challenge of designing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge products that provide specific solutions to highly specialized and discerning end-users. The constant search for maximum quality, innovation, and excellence in service is the foundation on which all Adaro’s activity relies, with the ultimate goal of maximum customer satisfaction.

Adalit Adaro Tecnología Torch Torches

Adalit Instruments

Adalit L-3000 Torch

Adalit L-3000 torch is a high-performance professional safety torch that combines high-intensity LEDs, a revolutionary optic, a large digital display, and an elegant design. Read more

Adalit L-3000 POWER Torch

Its revolutionary optic combines a powerful and bright spotlight with our unique flood and step light system. Read more

Adalit IL-300 Torch

Adalit IL-300 Torch is a professional safety torch with a swiveling head. Read more

Adalit L-30 Torch

Lighter, smaller, and more powerful than its predecessor, the rechargeable helmet torch L-30 is the firefighter’s indispensable work tool. Read more

Adalit L10 Torch

Adalit L10 is the first rechargeable torch specifically designed for firefighting helmets, with an integrated red LED beacon to highlight the firefighter position. Read more

Adalit Adaro Tecnología Torch Handlamps

Adalit Instruments
L-5000 ZO

Adalit L-5000 ZO Handlamp

Adalit L-5000 ZO is a certified handlamp for explosive atmospheres, light, handy and powerful. Read more

Adalit L-5000 EX 1 Handlamp

Adalit L-5000 EX 1 is one of the lightest, smartest and brightest handlamp in the market. With its swiveling head, the digital display and a new optic are suitable to work in the hardest conditions. Read more

Adalit L-5000 Handlamp

Search and rescue LED handlamp. It is also one of the lightest, smartest and brightest handlamp in the market. Read more

Cap Lamps

Adalit Instruments

Adalit L-50+ Cap Lamp

Adalit L-50+ is a professional safety cap lamp ATEX M1, zone 0/20, suitable for use in mining and tunneling. It has 3 high-intensity LEDs and a digital display to know the battery level in hours and minutes. Read more

Alfa WL Caplamp

The Alfa WL is a safety rechargeable wireless cap lamp, ATEX certified. Read more


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