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Adam Equipment Instruments started in 1972 with the goal to provide quality weighing equipment and services at affordable prices, offering superior value to its customers.

General Information

Adam scales and balances are sold throughout the world, supported by a diversified network of distributors. The company’s products are available through e-commerce, catalog distribution, and independent dealers, who can provide additional application sales and technical service.

Adam’s distribution channel is maintained by wholly owned facilities strategically located in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

These locations provide technical, warehouse, sales, and marketing assistance to all of their customers. Adam Equipment is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with research and development based in the UK head office. The company meets or exceeds most international manufacturing standards and regulations.

Adam Equipment Instruments and OEM branded products are used by various customers daily. You will see Adam products in the scientific, medical, educational, industrial, manufacturing, and retail sectors, to mention just a few. Customers rely on Adam Equipment to provide them with consistent and accurate results.

Throughout the company’s history, Adam has grown and gained market share, thanks to the support of its loyal dealers.

Trade associations are organizations founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry, such as weighing or scales and balances.

Adam Equipment Instruments Funded by contributions made by the member companies, trade associations participate in public relations activities such as advertising, networking, conferences, charitable events, education, lobbying, and publishing, but their main purpose is a collaboration between companies.

Many associations are non-profit, governed by bylaws, and directed by officers who are also members. In many instances, a trade organization is set up as a non-profit organization.

Adam Equipment Instruments Product Category

Analytical Balances

adam equipment
Equinox Semi-Micro and Analytical Balances

Analytical balances by Adam Equipment achieve precision weighing at 0.1mg readabilities. They are ideal for the precise weighing of samples and other materials in a laboratory setting.

Adam Equipment Instruments Precision Balances

Adam Compact Precision Balance
Adam Compact Precision Balance

With readabilities from 1mg to 1g, Adam Equipment’s top-loading precision balances offer solid performance and speedy mass measurement.

Compact Balances

adam equipment
Astro™ Compact Portioning Scale

Offering readabilities from 0.01g to 1g, Adam compact portable digital balances provide precision weighing with the convenience of easy transportation.

Mechanical Balances & Scales

Adam MDW Mechanical-Physician Scales
MDW Mechanical-Physician Scales

Designed to weigh small objects or ingredients with precision, Adam Equipment’s mechanical balances are dependable and simple to operate. They are easily portable, delivering accurate readings without the need for a power supply.

Adam Equipment Instruments Moisture Analyzer

adam equipment
PMB Moisture Analyzer

Ideal for moisture analysis in a variety of labs and production facilities, Adam Equipment’s PMB is a valuable tool for use in food processing, manufacturing, wastewater treatment, or materials testing.

Adam Equipment Instruments Hanging Scales

Adam Crane Scales IHS
Adam Crane Scales IHS

Designed to safely weigh suspended loads, Adam Equipment’s hanging scales perform dependably and with rugged precision.

Bench Scales

adam equipment
Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scales

Solid construction and durability are the hallmarks of Adam’s digital bench weighing scales. With a broad selection of configurations, these multi-purpose scales meet a variety of weighing needs

Legal for Trade Scales

adam equipment
GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

In most countries, scales used to measure goods sold by weight must be inspected and approved by an appointed agency.

Pricing-Retail Scales

adam equipment
Raven™ Price Computing Retail Scales

Many retail establishments that sell products by weight rely heavily on price-computing scales to keep their businesses operating smoothly.

Washdown Scales

adam equipment
Aqua Washdown Scales

Washdown scales and balances from Adam Equipment are ideal for use in applications that require frequent cleaning, as they are IP-rated and sealed to prevent the intrusion of dust and water.

Counting Scales

adam equipment
Cruiser Bench Counting Scales

Easy to operate, Adam Equipment’s counting scales bring dependability and performance to production, packaging, shipping, and inventory control tasks.

Pallet Truck Scale

adam equipment

The Adam Equipment PTS pallet truck scale delivers a cost-efficient tool to move, manage, and weigh pallets and other heavy loads using only one piece of equipment.

Platform Scales

adam equipment
AELP Pallet Beams

Platform scales are a necessity in any setting where large items need to be weighed. With rugged construction, Adam Equipment’s platform scales are durable enough to tackle most heavy-duty weighing tasks.

Physician Scales

MCW Chair Weighing Scale
MCW Chair Weighing Scale

Ideal for use in health care facilities, fitness centers, and homes, Adam Equipment’s medical scales provide the security and easy operation needed to weigh adults and children in any setting.

Baby Scales

MTB Baby and Toddler Scale
MTB Baby and Toddler Scale

Ideal for medical facilities and personal use in homes, Adam Equipment’s baby scales provide the easy operation and features needed to accurately weigh babies and toddlers.

Veterinary Scales

Core® Portable Compact Balances
Core® Portable Compact Balances

Weighing animals is uncomplicated and efficient with Adam Equipment’s veterinary scales.

Weight Indicators

AE 403 Indicators
AE 403 Indicators

Adam Equipment offers a selection of weighing indicators that provide outstanding versatility. They can be combined with our range of bases and floor scales, or they can replace the indicator on an existing base.

Calibration Weight

ASTM Weight Sets
ASTM Weight Sets

Adam Equipment offers a selection of weighing indicators that provide outstanding versatility. They can be combined with our range of bases and floor scales, or they can replace the indicator on an existing base.

Adam Equipment Instruments Scale and Balance Accessories

adam equipment
Anti-vibration Tables

Adam Equipment’s selection of OIML-certified calibration weights come in sets or separately and in several classes. E2 weights offer superb accuracy for analytical and precision balances. F1 weights are suitable for calibrating precision balances.


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