Adalet Enclosure Systems and Cable Accessories

Adalet Enclosure Systems for more than 91 years, a Scott Fetzer Company, has been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of enclosure systems and cable accessories.

General Information

Adalet Enclosure Systems established in 1928 to manufacture conduit and cable fittings, Adalet today offers the most extensive line of enclosures and fittings to the hazardous and rugged industrial markets.

Our engineered enclosure systems include empty and populated explosion-proof and stainless steel junction boxes, motor control enclosures, meter, and instrument housings, and ‘Exe’ increased safety terminal and control enclosures. The Adalet product line also includes thermal management systems, pilot devices, conduit, and cable accessories, high voltage cable couplers, and other related electrical products for the industry. These products are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications.

Adalet’s sales and application engineers have decades of specialized electrical enclosure experience and are ready to solve your unique custom enclosure application requirements. Our engineering department is unsurpassed and on the edge of technology using the most up-to-date computer-aided design software.

Software applications such as Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Femap/NX-Nastran FEA help us focus on custom product development and innovative engineering. Known for producing the industry’s highest quality Hazardous Location products, Adalet has parlayed its reputation for quality, engineered solutions into its GenLo product line. Our team of sales professionals, engineers, and designers are here to assist with the selection and design of products to satisfy your specific needs.

A new GenLo products facility located in Cardington, OH will be the new home for Adalet’s stainless steel and non-metallic industrial enclosure product line. The 70,000 square foot facility will produce stainless steel electrical enclosures for use in various industrial applications which require a rugged, watertight, and corrosion-resistant housing for sensitive components. Adalet has two different product categories. The product categories such as HazLo products and GenLo products.

Adalet Enclosure Systems Product Category

HazLo Products

Increased Safety (EX e) Enclosures

Adalet VC4X6 Quarter Turn Latch Terminal Enclosure
VC4X6 Quarter Turn Latch Terminal Enclosure

Adalet offers a variety of increased safety (Exe) rated enclosures. Increased safety enclosures are designed to prevent the possibility of excessive heat, the ingress of water or dust, and the resistance to impact, thus preventing any explosions from occurring.

Explosion-Proof & Dust-Ignition Proof Enclosures

Adalet XCE Series Explosion-Proof Control Enclosures
XCE Series Explosion-Proof Control Enclosures

Explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof enclosures are designed for applications where explosions could be caused by gases, dust, and fibers. Intended for either indoor or outdoor use, these enclosures range in size and include a watertight gasket for NEMA 4X protection.

Explosion-Proof Instrument & Meter Housings

Adalet IExplosion Proof Instrument Enclosure XIH Series
Explosion Proof Instrument Enclosure XIH Series

Adalet’s explosion-proof instrument enclosures are designed to provide reliable protection for measurement and detection applications in highly corrosive, hazardous areas. Explosion-proof instrument enclosures are offered in a variety of sizes and carry global certifications for use around the world.

Explosion-Proof Operating Devices

Adalet Explosion-Proof Device Operator Protective Boots
Explosion-Proof Device Operator Protective Boots

Adalet Enclosure Systems know safety is the number one priority in hazardous industrial locations. That’s why Adalet has developed a full line of explosion-proof heavy-duty pilot lights, pushbuttons, and selector switches with uncompromising attention to the highest safety standards.

Explosion-Proof Fittings

Adalet IExplosion-Proof Flexible Couplings
Explosion-Proof Flexible Couplings

Adalet’s explosion-proof fittings and accessories are available in a wide selection of sizes and configurations. From cable clamps and sealing fittings to conduit junction boxes, our explosion proof accessories offer peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Explosion-Proof Motor Control

Adalet Explosion-Proof Manual Motor Starter
Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector

Adalet Enclosure Systems offers a wide range of motor control devices including circuit breaker handles, explosion-proof circuit breakers and disconnects, and explosion-proof manual starters and combination starters.

Explosion-Proof Panel Boards

Adalet Lighting Panel
Lighting Panel – Main Lug Only

From dead front panel boards, lighting, and distribution panelboards, to circuit breaker operating handles panel boards, we have hundreds in stock to meet the requirements of your unique application.

GenLo Products

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Adalet Floor Mount Double-door
Adalet Floor Mount Double-door

Adalet Enclosure Systems incredibly durable Type 4X stainless steel enclosures can be installed indoors or outdoors and are ideally suited for wet environments. Type 4X Stainless steel enclosures also provide excellent corrosion resistance without the need for painting or surface treatment.

Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures

Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass
Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass

Molded under heat and pressure to produce superior chemical resistance in corrosive applications, fiberglass electrical enclosures are used both indoors and outdoors to house wireless equipment, terminal wiring, instrumentation, electrical controls, and other sensitive electrical or electronic components.

Adalet Enclosure Systems Polycarbonate Enclosures

Adalet Polycarbonate Enclosures
Adalet Polycarbonate Enclosures

Polycarbonate enclosures are the first choice for many engineers for a variety of reasons.

Adalet Enclosure Systems NEMA 4X Panelboards

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards
Type 4X Panelboards – Exterior Operating Handles

Adalet distribution and power panelboards are used to control lighting and power distribution in industrial locations. Constructed from 304 or 316L stainless steel, the N4XPB product family offers a wide selection of products for use in wash down or highly corrosive locations.


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