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Burkert Fluid Control Systems yet hardly a day goes by without new and exciting challenges which we gladly embrace — challenges that help us grow.

General Information

Whether measuring or controlling, we’re fascinated by everything that flows. And without doubt, this fascination has enabled us to become a world leader in the area of Fluid Control Systems. It also drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves without losing sight of our strong values.

Bürkert was founded in Germany in 1946 by Christian Bürkert, who began by developing and manufacturing innovative products such as foot warmers, oven controls and thermal control systems for incubators. While these products met the needs of the time, over the years the company increasingly focused on valve technology and soon became an international benchmark for industrial solenoid valves.

The success story takes its course

With his combination of vision, innovation and enormous energy, Christian Bürkert succeeded in building an enterprise that is today a global leader in fluid control systems, offering everything from single valves to high-tech sensors, all manufactured to the highest quality and applying state-of-the-art technology.

The pioneering spirit lives on

Unfortunately, Christian Bürkert lost his life in a plane crash in 1971 and didn’t live to see the full realisation of his vision. However, his pioneering spirit lives on in the family-owned company, and it is evident in the highly motivated employees who contribute their skills, knowledge and ideas to maintain Bürkert’s position as an independent market leader, day after day.

Process Organisation

Our efforts have created a flexible organization that is evolving every day thanks to its closeness to our customers. It is a closeness that is second nature to us as a medium-sized company. Bürkert’s expanding global network, combined with the constant optimization of our processes across all segments, allows us to exchange experience directly and develop joint solutions more quickly and effectively.

System solutions

This fascination for our business also motivates us to continue venturing beyond the confines of specific market sectors and to seek exceptional solutions to unconventional problems. The segmentation of markets is one example of the specific courage at Bürkert to diverge from standards. This allows us to deliver maximum customer benefit, especially when it comes to application-oriented system solutions, without losing sight of our product-based solutions. Is there anything more fascinating than that? Let us fuel your fascination, too.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems Applications

Process Temperature Control

In many industrial processes, temperatures must be controlled exactly to ensure the required quality levels. Various thermal transfer media are used to cool and heat, including air, water, oil or mixtures of these substances. Process temperatures can be regulated reliably on the basis of the flow values and with the aid of an intelligent solution.

To help you keep a cool head, we provide a simple and flexible solution for your industrial applications – The Modular Process Control Platform for Heating and Cooling.

Solutions for successful Clean in Place (CIP)

In applications with high standards of hygiene, such as pharmaceutical or food production, Cleaning in Place (CIP) is especially important. All pipes and tubes must be flushed regularly with cleaning agents to remove bacteria, chemical and biological residue, and to prevent the spreading of micro-organisms, which can have a negative effect on product quality.

Permanent or portable installations ensure thorough cleaning of tanks, pipes and tubes with no residue by completely flushing the system with water and an alkaline, acidic or disinfecting agent. High-precision sensors and valves are used for precise metering of the medium and an efficient cleaning process.

Gas Mixing: complete solutions from a single source

Bringing a respiratory device for infants to mass-production within five months? Developing an automated gas control system for flame-cutting machines? The fact that this are completely different products is irrelevant, because we don’t think in terms of industries, we think in terms of solutions. Let these true stories demonstrate to you how Bürkert makes wishes come true and more.

Ultra-precise process heat

Whether forming, coating, joining or cutting materials: Flames or plasmas provide reliable services wherever needed. From manufacturing intricate glass bodies to cutting thick steel sheets. Bürkert’s system solutions, in particular, guarantee precision and economic efficiency for all the said processes.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems Product

Burkert Products
Burkert Products
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Process and Control Valves
  • Electromotive Valves
  • Pneumatic and Process Interfaces
  • Sensor, Transmitters and Controllers
  • Microfluidic Valves and Pumps
  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Solenoid Control Valves
  • Filtration Modules
  • Additional Products

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