CuzPro Electronic Boat Instrument

CuzPro Electronic Boat Instrument are a New Zealand company that develops and manufactures specialized hard-to-find electronic products for the marine market with emphasis on the world cruiser.

General Information

CuzPro Electronic Boat Instrument engineers have a collective 3-1/2 years experience cruising North & Central America and much of the S. Pacific over the past 25 years. Many of the product ideas and specialized features came out of the practical needs of those trips and suggestions of fellow cruisers. CruzPro brand instruments are either unique, offer unique features not found in other products, or offer exceptional value.

For years CruzPro has been developing state of the art digital gauges and instruments. Their uses are numerous but include Marine, Recreation Vehicles, Experimental Aviation, Automobiles and Trucks, Cruise Ships and the Industrial sectors. CruzPro’s gauges and instruments have a reputation as accurate, reliable, easy to use and rich with innovative features.

Cruzpro Product
Cruzpro Product

Through the use of microcomputers, the gauges have a built-in intelligence. These gauges go far beyond being simple. The FU60 fuel gauge, for example learns the shape of the fuel tank, completely eliminates sender errors and computes fuel usage rate and time remaining. NMEA 0183 serial data output from CruzPro gauges allow the information to be repeated in remote locations or shared by other instruments and computers.

CruzPro manufactures a wide range of intelligent instruments, digital gauges, alarms and monitors designed for use in the marine and motor home/RV markets. Our product lines include engine gauges, fuel/fuel consumption and tankage gauges, electrical gauges, gas detectors, depth, speed and wind sensors and instruments, PC based Fishfinders and electronic accessories such as chain counters, NMEA combiners, digital clocks, bilge alarms, etc.

These intelligent gauges either contain built-in calibration curves for all popular standard resistive senders – both European and American styles, or learn the sender characteristics. Custom 0-5V, 4-20mA and high voltage versions are also available by special order. Most CruzPro gauges work on both 12 and 24V batteries, have built-in user settable high and low alarms and output NMEA 0183 serial data to aid remote monitoring or logging of performance data.

To insure a reliable long life in the harsh marine environment, CruzPro instruments, digital gauges and alarms are constructed using ABS plastic, stainless steel and brass hardware, solvent resistant gaskets and O-rings, Lexan brand polycarbonate and 3M adhesives.

Most CruzPro gauges are CE certified and most products are RoHS compliant (environmentally friendly and lead free). All products enjoy a full twelve (12) month parts and workmanship warranty. We ship worldwide to areas not served by a local dealer and OEM inquiries are welcomed.

CuzPro Electronic Boat Instrument Product


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