KRAL Flowmeters for Mechanical Engineering

KRAL flowmeters are measuring instruments of maximum precision in robust industrial versions. KRAL GmbH is the ideal partner for mechanical engineers who demand quality in their mechanical equipment and plants.

About KRAL Flowmeters

With headquarters in Austria, KRAL GmbH was founded in 1950 and has been an independent family enterprise ever since. We therefore think and invest long-term so that we can remain a stable and reliable business partner for our customers. KRAL develops and produces screw pumps and flow measurement technology. In addition, we offer customer-specific solutions for systems, from the initial engineering process through to commissioning. And of course our After Sales Service is available to help you after purchase. Our primary business sectors include marine, power generation, oil and gas, mechanical engineering and chemicals. Our customers include local businesses as well as global industrial concerns.

What you can expect from KRAL

Since the company was founded, KRAL has established itself as a manufacturer of quality products with a fair price/performance ratio. In order to live up to our standard, we continuously invest in our employees, our manufacturing processes and our methodological expertise. A commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM) is a key component in our company philosophy.

Furthermore, we are increasing the levels of automation and digitalization in our company. Our customers claim that we can meet virtually any special need. What‘s more, KRAL is greatly appreciated for its reliable partnerships and the fact that working together with us is professional and very straightforward. This makes us quite proud. We will continue to strengthen these values in the future. That‘s why we continuously invest in innovations, both for products as well as methodology and processes. A key component in our approach to customer-orientation is that you can rely on excellent care from our Customer Center as well as our After Sales Service. This includes both expertise and reaction speed.

The Products of KRAL Flowmeters

KRAL precision flowmeters combine the characteristics of robustness and high accuracy. For over 30 years, our products and systems have met a huge number of customer requirements to measure liquid mediums in different industries and applications.

The wide range of applications ranges from low viscose liquids, like petrol, acids and bases, to high viscose liquids with print colours or coal tar. Especially for fuels, like diesel, heavy fuel oil and marine diesel, as well lube or cylinder oil, our products and solutions for flow measurement and consumption measurement are used very often by our customers. The KRAL flowmeters run with low friction and minimal pressure loss.

KRAL Flowmeters for Mechanical Engineering
KRAL Flowmeters for Mechanical Engineering

Measurement Precision

The KRAL flowmeters are accurate to ± 0.1 % over a wide flow and viscosity range, as the repeatability is better than ± 0.01 %. The long working life and stability over time of KRAL flowmeters show that robustness and precision are not mutually exclusive. KRAL flowmeters are the most exact positive displacement meters in the world.

The Measuring Principle

The measurement chamber consists of the casing and two screw spindles. The spindles are driven by the medium in a defined rotation direction and transport the medium continuously through the measuring chamber. The precise measured value is calculated from the known measuring- chamber volume and the spindle rotation speed.

Flowmeters for Marine

In future only those will be successful who have control over the ship operating costs. Time and again we optimize complete series because refinery processes or the legal provisions have changed. Our customers value our expertise and the cooperative partnership. Their high degree of trust in our loyalty allows them to openly describe their problems for which we develop solutions.

  • Fuel consumption measurement – inland water navigation
  • Fuel consumption measurement – deep-sea navigation

Flowmeters for Mechanical Engineering

KRAL flowmeters are measuring instruments of maximum precision in robust industrial versions. KRAL GmbH is the ideal partner for mechanical engineers who demand quality in their mechanical equipment and plants.

  • Flow measurement – hydraulics
  • Flow measurement – positioning
  • Flow measurement – test benches
  • Fuel consumption measurement – diesel engines

Flowmeters for Power Generation

Operators and suppliers of power plants are international company groups. Reliable suppliers are important so that new constructions or revisions can be carried out to schedule and in a cost-conscious manner. Thanks to its continuous growth, KRAL GmbH has a company size that ensures reliable execution of large-scale orders.

  • Fuel consumption measurement – power plants

Display and Processing Unit

Users of conventional universal display units often cannot make use of their device’s options. There is often a lack of functions that are important for special applications. KRAL display and processing units aid in the performance of KRAL flowmeters. The high quality electronic components and evaluation algorithms used maintain precisely-measured flow values to be shown on the display as well as the signal outputs.

Perfect operation, informative display.

A display unit must supply the required information and assure accurate operation. The KRAL display and processing unit always display the measured flow values with their units. The display is clear and very easy-to read. There is a choice of four languages.

KRAL sets up the units, the calibration factors and the density tables to meet customer specifications. If you need to make changes, an easy-to follow menu is available including configuration software for PCs. Contrast and brightness are adjustable.

Self-diagnostic and monitoring.

The flow and temperature ranges of the flowmeters are stored in the electronics and if values are exceeded, then the alarms are displayed. A bypass relay can be activated using flow rate limit value. The function of the temperature sensors is monitored. Knowing the temperature, the flow volume, the flow direction and the consumption assures the integrity of the installation.

Screw Pumps

With KRAL screw pumps, you buy high quality and reduce costs for many years: through high flow rate, low-maintenance operation, flexible application possibilities, space-saving installation and long service life even with abrasive and corrosive media. KRAL products offer maximum flexibility for variable operating conditions – 70 years of experience in the industry speak for themselves.

Good controllability of the positive displacement screw pumps.

KRAL screw pumps offer the advantage of a linear flow rate principle. This enables simple and cost-effective volume control via the motor speed, as well as a consistently high and continuous flow rate, even if the viscosities change. This combination of cost-saving control with consistently high flow rates for high and low viscosity media is not possible with functional principles such as centrifugal pumps.

Low-pulsation pumping of liquids for various applications.

KRAL screw pumps are self-priming and pump fluids of different viscosities particularly gently and quietly. The pumped medium is not squeezed, there are no pressure pulses, which damage the pump, piping or other components or cause vibrations. Pumps, such as piston pumps, can damage the pump, the system and the pumped medium due to much stronger pressure pulsations. KRAL pump solutions are suitable for many different applications (e.g. oil, bitumen, polyurethanes) where operation without pulsation is necessary.

Screw pumps from KRAL offer high performance in a small space.

Space for setting up or installing of positive displacement screw pumps is expensive and often short. Compared to pump solutions with centrifugal pumps, for example, KRAL screw pumps offer a high flow rate, a small space requirement and high efficiency.

Special Projects

KRAL has been known as a manufacturer of high-quality pumps and flowmeters since 1950. Applications have become ever more demanding over the years. Refinery processes have been optimized and statutory regulations tightened up, in order to exploit oil as a resource better and with greater environmental protection. KRAL has amassed a great deal of knowledge in difficult fields such as the pumping and metering of heavy oils and low-sulfur fuels. This knowledge is invested in the development of our own products and their use in our customers’ systems.

Success through experience.

You will benefit from our expertise if you come to us for the construction and assembly of auxiliary units for power generation, for example fuel systems and lubricating oil systems for diesel engines, turbines and burners. We know that the production process from reviewing the specifications all the way to delivery and commissioning is very demanding. That is why we employ specialists for our special projects with just the right background and many years of experience.

KRAL Quality

KRAL GmbH has been manufacturing pumps, pump stations, and flowmeters for fuels and lubricants for many decades. KRAL products are known for their excellent quality. We have installed and commissioned them for a large number of customers. In contrast with suppliers who only manufacture piping, KRAL offers proven systems expertise and problem-solving competence.

This experience as an established manufacturer with extensive practical knowledge is our outstanding strength in plant engineering. Our competence gives you the assurance that your complex overall project will be executed reliably.

Our experience for your safety.

A fuel system and lubricating oil system consists of e.g. pumps, valves, instrumentation and pipes. Your organization supplies complex systems for power stations. You know that the components should not be regarded in isolation. An overall view and understanding are essential for safe and reliable operation. If a plant manufacturer lacks this competence, there is a significant risk that the system will not function.

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