Ecomer Group Gas Analyzer

Ecomer Group Gas Analyzer is a Russian holding specializing in development, production and introduction of equipment meant for environmental and technological monitoring, gas analysis and saving of energy.

General Descriptions

ECOMER Group of Companies (managing company) includes:

  • Promanalytpribor JSC. – development and production of gas analytical equipment (R&D, Production, Service and Maintenance)
  • Promavtomatika Ltd. – Promanalitikapribor Corp. trading house
    Umgrad Ltd. – production of heat pumps and installation of engineering systems (Heat pumps and installation of engineering systems)

With more than 20 years experiences, Ecomer series devices meet modern requirements for measuring instruments. Every year, more than 50 industrial enterprises become clients of “ECOMER” Group of Companies. The geography of supplies covers all the regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan. The Group of Companies has a rich experience of supplies to enterprises from different industries, such as:

  • energy production,
  • oil refinery,
  • chemical industry,
  • metallurgy,
  • cement production,
  • timber processing,
  • machine building,
  • and other

In every works, ECOMER uses a project-oriented approach: each task set is viewed as new. ECOMER is convinced that there are no standard projects, and therefore, each new project is developed with all the company’s technical subdivisions participating in the process. With such an approach, all the individual features of a project are taken into consideration, and the customer receives a solution that is appropriate for tasks.

Ecomer Group Gas Analyzer Products

Oxygen Gas Analyzer

Oxygen analyzer IKTS-11 is designed for fast, reliable, precise and continuous measurement of oxygen concentration in flue gases and in systems of preparation and transportation of the coal dust fuel.

Optical Dust Meter

Dust counter SOM-16 is meant for measuring mass concentration of dust and optical density in the flue gases of fuel-burning plants operated on any type of fuel.

Flue Gas Flow Meter

Fuel gas flow meter IS-14.M is meant for continuous measurement of the flow rate and discharge of gases emitted by fuel-burning plants operated on any type of fuel.

Electrochemical Gas Analyzer

Gas analyzer PEM-4MS is meant for measuring the concentration of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the combustion gases of fuel-burning plants for all kinds of fuel. The application of the gas analyzer is technological and environmental control of the flue gases composition.

Optical Gas Analyzer

The complex is used as channels of continuous emission monitoring system, CEMS.

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