Elis Liquid Flow Meters

Elis Liquid Flow Meters With a storied history in the water management, chemical and energy industry, we are accustomed to manufacture products where failure is not an option.

General Information

Elis Liquid Flow Meters are a leading European company in the development and manufacturing of ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters, electromagnetic sensors, water meters, other products and solutions. According to Elis customers we are recognized as an experienced producer with 30 years of successful presence on the market, with high production quality, and readiness to solve technical requirements and needs.

ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. has an export footprint in more than 60 countries worldwide. Apart from flow meters and accessories, we also offer metrological services in our authorized metrological testing center K39 equipped with three test rigs for calibration and verification of liquids flow meters. Part of the center is a laboratory for verification and calibration of calorimetric counters.

About Elis Liquid Flow Meters

The company ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. manufactures electromagnetic and ultrasonic liquid flow meters, ultrasonic water meters, heat/col meters in water and supplies ultrasonic level meters, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters and other elements of measurement and regulation.

ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. has been providing customers with its high-quality products and services for more than 30 years and exports its products to over 60 countries worldwide. ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. technically supports its customers with devising of flow and heat measurement systems, their installation and with the solution of various technical requests.

It also provides services in the field of calibration and verification of liquid flow meters and calorimetric counters in its own Authorized Metrology Center K39. It has altogether three flow test rigs intended to perform calibration and verification of liquid flow meters. The center also includes a test rig for a calibration of calorimetric counters of heat and cold water measurement systems.

Elis Liquid Flow Meters Product

Elis Liquid Flow Meters Products
Elis Liquid Flow Meters Products

Flow Measurement

Flow meters measure the instantaneous flow of liquid and record the total volume flowed.

  • ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. uses two basic methods of measurement: Ultrasonic (transit-time) and electromagnetic (Faraday’s law). The transit-time method measures the difference in time the ultrasonic signal travels in the upstream and downstream direction. This also applies to ultrasonic water meters, which mainly measure the instantaneous flow and record the volume of water, or pressure in pipeline.
  • The method based on Faraday’s law uses the principle of moving conductors (conductive liquids) in the magnetic field of coils, where the induced voltage at the sensing electrodes is directly proportional to the flow rate of the liquid in the pipe.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meters measure the flow rate and total volume of electrically conductive liquids in various industries. They meet the requirements of the EN ISO 4064-1 standard.

Main advantages of electromagnetic flow meters:

  • High measurement accuracy over a wide range of measured values
  • High reliability and stability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • No hydraulic losses in the pipeline
  • Compliant with sanitary standards
  • Possibility of remote transmission of measured data
  • ATEX / IECEx certificate (type FLONEX FXx11x)

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flow meters measure the flow rate and volume of almost any homogeneous liquid media, electrically conductive and non-conductive, including aggressive liquids.

Main advantages of ultrasonic flow meters

  • Measurement of many types of liquid media: conductive, non-conductive and aggressive
  • Possibility of production of flow meters of large dimensions DN1200 and larger
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Long-term stability of measurement accuracy over a wide range of measured values
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Negligible hydraulic losses in the pipeline
  • Possibility of remote transmission of measured data (SCADA)
  • Powered by mains supply or battery

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic water meters perform billing and operational measurements in the water and other industries according to EN ISO 4064-1 standard. Based on the instantaneous flow, volume and pressure measurements, they can also be used to detect water leakage in water supply networks. MID Certified.

Main advantages of FLOMIC water meters

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Long-term stability of accuracy measurement in a wide range of measured values
  • Highly reliable, require minimal maintenance
  • Minimal  hydraulic losses with compare to mechanical water meters
  • Measured values can be easily read from the display
  • Ability to archive data and reading by a laptop or master system using communication modems
  • Water leakage can be detected
  • Installation anywhere thanks to the battery power supply
  • MID Certified

Electromagnetic Sensor

The production of flanged and wafer sensors of electromagnetic flow meters enabling complete production in the range of dimensions DN15 to DN1200 (1/2″ to 48″).

Own technological equipment allows to perform:

  • machining, welding, grinding, installation of electrical equipment, painting
  • production of Teflon linings, deliveries of sensors with rubber linings in cooperation with external suppliers
  • possibility to produce sensors certified for explosive environments ATEX, IECEx, and in the system European Pressure Directive PED
  • calibration on own test rig up to dimension DN800, larger dimensions on external stand

Heat and Cold Meter

ELISTHERM heat/cold meters measure the absolute values of heat or cold transmitted by heating or cooling water in closed hot water or cooling systems. These systems consist of an ultrasonic or electromagnetic flow meter, paired resistance temperature sensors and a calorimetric counter.

They measure and register the amount of heat/cold in water by calculation in a calorimetric counter from the measured water flow and temperature difference of water in the inlet and outlet piping.

Heat and cold meters are used as invoicing meters of absolute heat and cold in closed heating and cooling systems. The heat/cold meter consists of flow meter coupled with platinum temperature sensors and calorimetric counter.

Main advantages of ELISTHERM heat/cold meters:

  • They are designed for measuring the energy of heat and cold in liquids in pipes of larger dimensions up to DN1200 (48″)
  • They are specified meters (all elements of the system are metrologically certified)
  • Long-term stability in measurement accuracy over a wide range of measured values
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Simple operation, intuitive data acquisition for invoicing
  • Archiving of calculated and measured values for up to one year
  • Possibility of data transfer to the superior system
  • Heat meters can be used as commercial meters

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