GH Zeal Thermometers and Pressure Gauge

GH Zeal Thermometers and Pressure Gauge General Description

GH Zeal Thermometers and Pressure Gauge is company based in London, SW19, United Kingdom. GH Zeal has over 130 years of history in manufacturing and supplying thermometers, from general purpose to disposable thermometers, hydrometers, hygrometers, flow meters and pressure gauges/recorders to medical, scientific, industrial and research institutions.

GH Zeal strives to remain as faithful to our roots as possible. Integrity, honesty, quality and high level of service. Laid down by its original founders, the Zeal name stands as much for these values now as it did at its inception.

GH Zeal itself provides a trading for its product in over 25 countries through a network of distributors who in turn reflect similar values. With more than 130 years experience, GH Zeal is able to offer reliable products against a background of knowledge that is difficult to replicate with other product.

Quality Assured

To BS EN ISO 9001:2015 which is your guarantee of this proud boast and a measure of how seriously we take our commitment to you, the customer.

GH Zeal Thermometers and Pressure Gauge Product Range:

There are various product’s line that is offered by GH Zeal, such as:

  • Hygrometers: Temperature And Humidity Digital (Thermo-Hygrometer), Thermo-Hygrometer Digital, Masons Pattern Hygrometer, Whirling Pattern Hygrometer
  • Thermometers: Laboratory Thermometers,
    – Specification Thermometers; ASTM Thermometers, IP Thermometers, British Standard Thermometers
    – Safety Blue Thermometers; ASTM Thermometers, IP Thermometers with safe non-mercury fill
    – Medical Thermometers / Clinical Thermometers
    – Max/Min Thermometers; Thermometers which record Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
    – Wall Thermometers; Various wall Thermometers
    – Digital Thermometers; Various Electronic Thermometers
    – Infrared Thermometers
    – Dial Bimetal Thermometers
    – Bimetal Thermometers Industrial
    – Pool Bath Thermometers; Dipping Thermometers, Floating Thermometers
    – Tobacco Barn Thermometers
  • Hydrometers: Specific Gravity Hydrometers; Commercial Grade,
    – Specification Hydrometers; Brineometers, Soil Hydrometers, Lactometers, Latexometers, Sikes, Twaddle, Baume, etc
    – Metal Hydrometers
    – BS718 Hydrometers
    – ASTM Hydrometers API Hydrometers
    – Digital Hydrometers
  • Certification & Calibration
  • Gas Flowmeters: Typical areas of use including Gas fired appliance testing, Petrochemical – Refineries and Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Medical Research.
  • Dial Pressure Gauges, Valves & Manifolds: Precision Industrial Dial Pressure Gauges
  • Thermohydrometers
  • Meteorological
  • HVAC Thermometers and Pressure Gauges: Pressure Gauges, Dial thermometers and combined Pressure/Temperature gauges are available to suit all applications.
  • Data Loggers

For its product, GH Zeal also give a 12 months against faulty workmanship and materials guaranty.

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