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Brooks Instrument Process control is the key to taking your production beyond ordinary and achieving new levels of performance. To control any process, you must first measure it precisely.

General Information

This is what makes Brooks Instrument the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. We enable precision process performance. We deliver results that consistently create a competitive advantage for our customers. In heavy industry. In oil and gas refining. Chemical and petrochemical research. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. Solar cell, LED, thin film, fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturing. And beyond.

Proven Performance

Brooks Instrument is a trusted partner because our flow, pressure and vaporization instrumentation is more than accurate. It is reliable. Stable. Repeatable. Durable. It’s proven year after year, decade after decade, in the most demanding industrial and electronic manufacturing systems. It continuously incorporates innovations that move measurement and control technology to new levels of flexibility and precision.

  • World’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers; one of the most trusted suppliers of mass flow technology to the global semiconductor industry.
  • Brooks holds over 150 active patents, so our product portfolio incorporates multiple patented advances in fundamental fluid measurement and control technology.
  • Innovative companies such as UNIT Instruments, Tylan, and Celerity, pioneers in developing MFC technology as well as pressure measurement and control technology, are now part of the broad family of Brooks products.
  • Many Brooks products are available with national laboratory-calibration traceability and certification, recognized hazardous area approvals, pressure boundary certifications, material certifications and more.

Focused expertise

The performance of our devices is fully matched by our technical and application expertise. Our instrumentation engineers and application specialists focus on solving real-world process challenges. They can help you select and configure the optimum combination of flow, pressure and vacuum devices that raise the performance and results (yield, throughput, etc.) of your systems and processes to new levels.

We then support those products through their operational lifetime through a growing global network of factory-certified service and calibration centers, ready to care for your Brooks devices and keep your uptime levels as high as possible.

Decades of innovation

Since 1946, starting as a single instrumentation company, Brooks Instrument has been a leader in the market with groundbreaking fluid measurement and control technologies. Explore our history.

Brooks Instrument Products

Brooks Instrument flow and pressure measurement and control technology deliver the reliable, repeatable, accurate results your processes demand to sustain the highest productivity and return on investment.

Brooks Instruments Product
Brooks Instruments Product

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

To truly control any process, you must precisely measure what is happening — in the feedline, in the chamber, at every point — then use that information in real time to keep the process precisely on-target and productive.

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters Product
Mass Flow Controllers & Meters Product

As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter manufacturer Brooks Instrument continues to innovate thermal mass flow technology. From thermal flow sensors and mass flow metering systems, we continually launch new products and enhance existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow measurement precision, responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability.

Key reasons why our mass flow sensors are the most widely used worldwide include:

  • Industry-best range of digital mass flow meters and other products to meet widest application needs
  • MultiFlo™ technology allows one device to change gas types and ranges without removing the device from the system and improving actual process gas accuracy. MultiFlo™ is offered for use with thermal thermal mass or flow sensors
  • Complete product range includes both elastomer sealed and metal sealed options for thermal mass flow sensors and coriolis mass flow sensors
  • Ultra-high purity mass flow sensors and devices engineered to satisfy thin film, semiconductor and other high-tech industry requirements

Key Applications

  • Heat treating, cutting and other thermal processes for mass flow sensors
  • Semiconductor and LED production tools
  • Thin film deposition systems
  • Biopharmaceutical bioreactors
  • Petrochemical and chemical gas and liquid pilot plants
  • Purge gas, process analysis and analytical flow measurement

Variable Area Flow Meters

As one of the pioneering manufacturers in variable area (VA) flow meter (rotameter) technology, Brooks Instrument has created a diverse and proven portfolio of gas flow meters, installed and in use across virtually every industry. From inline to low volume flow meters  Brooks offers high-performance gas and water flow measurement instruments for your application.

Variable Area Flow Meters
Variable Area Flow Meters

This broad portfolio includes armored metal, glass tube and plastic VA flow meters (rotameters), each engineered to provide years of repeatable, reliable measurement of gas and liquid flow rates. They feature:

  • Reliable, easy-to-read displays on all flow meter types
  • Fail-safe inline flow indication under any circumstance
  • Integral flow controller to compensate for varying pressures
  • Materials and designs to suit multiple pressure ranges and chemical compounds
  • Field-replaceable components and custom scales
  • Integration of optional flow switches, automated valves or alarms

Trust the expertise of the Brooks Instrument team for valuable insight on the right fluid flow meter for your needs.  Talk to us for more on our range of flow meter types for gas and water, and see why Brooks Instruments leads the world in variable area flow meters.

Key Applications

  • Basic liquid (including water) or gas flow measurement
  • Rotating equipment flow measurement
  • Process analyzers
  • High-pressure flow on offshore oil platforms
  • Chemical injection
  • Purge liquid or gas metering

Pressure & Vacuum Products

Wondering how to control pressure in your industrial applications? Any time you are measuring flow, you probably also need to measure pressure or vacuum – and we can help. For decades, Brooks Instrument has been a leader in flow measurement and control technology.

Brooks Instruments Pressure and Vacuum Products
Brooks Instruments Pressure and Vacuum Products

Today, we are a global leader in precision fluid measurement and control that includes a proven portfolio of pressure instrument and vacuum transducers, gauges, controllers, regulators and capacitance manometers to satisfy the most demanding process requirements. Featuring world-class accuracy and repeatability, our vacuum and pressure control products can help you fine-tune the results your processes deliver.

Our vacuum and pressure controller technology is used by semiconductor OEMs, gas cabinet suppliers and vacuum controller system manufacturers including thin-film deposition systems and high-tech specialty furnaces. Our portfolio includes regulators and sensors that precisely measure and control pressures ranging from vacuum to 3000 psi; we have technology that will solve your gas and vacuum sensing and regulating challenges with:

  • Ultra-high purity pressure and vacuum transducers for the most stringent gas measuring challenges
  • Stainless steel pressure control gauges, switches and transmitters for local measurement that is accurate and cost-effective
  • Industry-leading, high-accuracy capacitance manometers for controlling the most critical vacuum processes

Vaporization Products

Many industrial and semiconductor processes need to convert liquids including both water and other liquid precursors into highly controlled and pure vapors. Vaporization is a phase transition from the liquid phase to gas phase.

A vaporizer therefore, is any system that converts a liquid material to a gaseous state. While vaporization is achieved in a number of different ways, all modern vaporizers – such as water vaporizers – have several common characteristics::

  • Increase temperature and/or reduce ambient pressure of the liquid
  • Enclosed systems to capture and control vapor flow
  • Utilize feedback & control loop system to regulate vaporization rate

Key Applications

  • Water vaporization/humidification
  • Chemical vapor deposition
  • Depositing thin films for enhanced thermal, optical or hardness characteristics
  • Vaporizing monomers for vacuum polymer film disposition
  • Generating calibration vapor
  • Vaporizing liquid hydrocarbons

Semiconductor Products

Precise and repeatable process control: It is the fundamental driving factor when manufacturing electronics and semiconductor products.

Brooks Instruments Vaporization Products
Brooks Instruments Vaporization Products

As each successive generation of tools, processes and nodes have been developed and deployed, the extreme, ultra-high performance requirements and demand for constant innovation and improvements in semiconductor flow and pressure instrumentation has – and continues to be – non-stop.

Brooks Instrument semiconductor products deliver on those requirements, with the industry’s most advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery solutions. Our portfolio of semiconductor products is built on our decades of experience creating many of the groundbreaking measurement and control devices that are now standard components of process tools at every level of the industry.

And when you choose Brooks Instrument semiconductor products, you also choose the unique insight and resources that only we bring to solving fundamental FEOL and BEOL process and yield challenges:

  • Expertise: Leading semiconductor tool builders look to Brooks’ people for their proven expertise and insight into refining our flow and pressure measurement and control technology to match unique process gas, chamber matching and throughput challenges.
  • Precision: Brooks offers customers the most appropriate, application-specific level of accuracy, durability, and most importantly, repeatability in the semiconductor products we offer to help manage skyrocketing tool costs. We constantly invest to improve our portfolio, so each device contributes to improved process control, which ultimately translates into productivity and yield.
  • Reliability: Brooks’ semiconductor products are engineered with the highest quality steels and alloys, high-performance digital electronics and patented sensor designs to deliver decades of accurate, repeatable measurement and control, especially when interacting with exotic process gases.
  • Focus: Brooks has a unique focus on flow and pressure measurement and control, with a growing service capability and global footprint to enable faster response to instrument issues and better life cycle support for the semiconductor products we offer.
  • Support: We are supportive, providing applications expertise, custom metering configurations, service and assistance in selecting semiconductor products.

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