Quincy Compressor

When a tough application calls for a tough air compressor system, Quincy Compressor answers with True Blue reliability and some of the industry’s strongest warranties.

General Information

Engineered to last for decades of heavy use and manufactured with durability in mind, Quincy’s lineup offers tough, tougher, and ruggedly efficient air compressors supported by an assortment of control, accessory, and air treatment options.

A Legacy of Innovation Spanning 95 Years In 1920, Quincy established its reputation for engineered solutions and provides uncompromising reliability for demanding applications. Its flagship products, QR-25 and QSI have proven to be reliable choices for users in some of the toughest conditions like mining, drilling, concrete production, and shipbuilding. Nearly 40 percent of rotary sales are considered custom orders with one-of-a-kind configurations ranging from electrical specialties to freeze-protection options. The Quincy brand is synonymous with quality, delivering “Performance You Demand. Reliability You Trust.”

Quincy Compressor Products

Quincy Compressor is a leading designer and manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors ranging from one-third to 350 horsepower, vacuum pumps and a full line of air treatment components. We offer:

  • Both single- and multi-stage models
  • Lightweight, low-footprint portable units
  • Pumps for the natural gas market

We make all of our compressors in the USA to the highest standards of quality control possible. As an ISO 9001-registered manufacturing facility, we adhere to a set of repeatable, scalable processes to ensure every one of our products delivers the durability and performance you expect.

Quincy Compressor Warranty

At Quincy, we believe you should be able to count on a reliable compressor for years of trouble-free use. We stand behind our products and processes with some of the best warranties in the business. All products feature standard coverage for a year or more on select parts. We also offer extended warranty options to protect your investment for up to ten years on select models. Quincy offers a full line of genuine Quincy replacement parts as well as service packages covering all required preventative maintenance to keep your investment running its best.

Who We Serve

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to know your air compressor will deliver the performance that keeps you running, shift after shift and day after day. Quincy’s built-in-the-USA products are found in a variety of applications, from home garages and workshops to offshore drilling operations, research facilities and more. Our products power tools in automotive repair facilities and drive industrial processes in manufacturing plants. Whatever the specifics of your application, Quincy has a solution for all your compressed air needs.

Where to Find Us

End users can locate Quincy products in a self-service mode through online and through brick-and-mortar retailers or in a full-service mode through a dedicated network of expert authorized distributors and company store personnel who sell and service units with precision. A relationship with one of these top-notch companies is sure to keep your operation up and running efficiently.

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