Habia Cable

Habia Cable is a custom design and production partner for specialised cable and connectivity needs all over the world. Founded in Sweden in 1941.

General Information

Habia is today one of the most trusted names for tailor-made cable solutions in the telecom, offshore, industry, defence and nuclear power sectors. In its markets, Habia is one of Europe’s leading wire and cable manufacturers with a global presence and customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Habia Cable Offer to Customer

  • High performance cables and harnesses for demanding applications
  • Direct contact with knowledgeable sales staff and design engineers
  • The ability to develop customised solutions that fulfill unique requirements
  • Flexible manufacturing, low minimum order quantities and short lead times
  • Quality systems that meet the most stringent requirements

Habia has production facilities with Customer Centres in Sweden, Germany, Poland, and China. The majority of sales are made to end customers through our own sales organisation which is present in 12 countries in Europe and Asia. Other markets in Europe, Asia and North America are supported by agents and distributors.

In 2020, we were 520 employees and had a turnover of 804 million SEK (approx 77 million EUR). Habia Cable is 100% owned by the Swedish industrial holding company Beijer Alma, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Habia Cable Product

At Habia, we specialise in creating custom cables and harnesses for the world’s most demanding applications. We also have an extensive range of standard products, including industry-standard wires and cables, cables made to third party specifications, and proven cable concepts that we’ve developed over the years. All of them can be adapted to meet your specific needs, no matter how unique.

Coaxial Cable

Habia Cable offer an extensive range of coaxial cable types that can maintain high performance levels in any environment, no matter how challenging. Our coaxial range includes RG, low-noise and sub-miniature coaxial cables – each with their own unique benefits and properties.
Coaxial Cable
Coaxial Cable

Some of the benefits our coaxial cables offer include:

Resistance to extreme temperatures

With operational temperature ranges from -55°C and up to +260°C, our coaxial cable solutions can provide reliable performance in the face of extreme temperatures.

Electrical interference immunity

Our range includes low noise miniature and sub-miniature coaxial cables that have been specifically designed to prevent electrical interference caused by vibration and pressure. Built with additional carbon layers, the noise generated from these cables is a thousand times less than standard coaxial cables.

Double-screened for improved electrical performance

Habia’s double-screened coaxial cables are built with a conductor, dielectric and two braids, then finally an overall sheath. The additional second braid improves electrical performance over a range of frequencies and offers a cleaner signal, making them ideal for long cable runs.

Reformable coaxial cables – Flexiform TM

Flexiform™ is a flexible, reformable alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables. Operating at frequencies up to 18 GHz, where high performance and flexibility are required, Flexiform™ is the ideal microwave coaxial cable solution.

Easy handling – Form by hand

Unlike traditional semi-rigid coaxial cable, Flexiform™ can be stripped and formed by hand without the need for any specialist tools. Handling is therefore similar to standard coaxial cables, which means you can typically use existing cut and strip machines.

As well as the standard 50 ohm conformable Flexiform™ range (Flexiform 401, Flexiform 380, Flexiform 402 NM and Flexiform 405 NM) there are a number of variations in impedance, size and electrical performance available.

Flexible Coaxial Cables

A truely flexible alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables, Multibend™ offers very nearly the same performance as it’s sister-product: Flexiform™, with the added benefit of not being limited to four or five flexes.

The best of both worlds

Multibend™ is completely flexible and therefore not limted to use in fixed/installed situations. Its flexibility eliminates the waste lengths and costly mistakes traditionally associated with having to cut semi-rigid cables to exact lengths.

Excellent performance range

With an operating frequency of up to 18 GHz, Multibend™ is able to offer a microwave solution for a much wider range of applications than are typically considered for semi-rigid cables. Typically used in antennas and cabinet systems, it can also be found everywhere from satellites to medical products.

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