Leine Linde Encorder

Leine Linde Encorder is a leading manufacturer of robust encoders, sensors, and system electronics for industrial applications.

General Information

The products are primarily used for positioning or velocity feedback and known for their robustness, performance and reliability. Our solutions often become the natural choice for heavy-duty operations located in harsh environments.

liene Linde Encorder
liene Linde Encorder

Leine Linde has an active global presence on all continents of the world, working in close cooperation with customers and partners through the local offices and representatives.

The company’s extensive application knowledge, customer focus and state-of-the-art technologies provide added value to original equipment manufacturers and end users worldwide. To us business is long-term where mutual trust is earned each day and in each relationship.

Leine Linde Encorder Product

Heavy duty encoders

  • 4000 LINEAR: Absolute, incremental, Linear measurement system, Measuring lengths up to 260 mm
  • 2000 BEARINGLESS: Incremental, Hollow shaft, Diameter 140-1000 mm
  • 1000 EXTREME: Incremental, absolute, dual, Solid shaft, Diameter 115 mm
  • 900 PREMIUM: Absolute, dual, Solid shaft, hollow shaft, Diameter 100 mm
  • 800 HEAVY DUTY: Incremental, dual, Solid shaft, hollow shaft, Diameter 100 mm
  • 700 COMPACT: Incremental, Hollow shaft, Diameter 100 mm
  • 600 INDUSTRIAL: Absolute, Solid shaft, hollow shaft, Diameter 58 mm
  • 500 ROBUST: Incremental, absolute, dual, Solid shaft, hollow shaft, Diameter 58 mm
  • 300 MINIATURE: Incremental, Solid shaft, Diameter 30 mm

Strain sensors

  • ESR Strain sensor: Strain sensor and components for digitalized strain measurement

Structural load monitoring

leine linde encorder Online structural load monitoring offers a number of advantages. By using strain sensors on a static or moving structure, stress and signs of fatigue can be recognized at an early stage, and measures can be taken to avoid damage. In a sensor-actuator system, sensor-based monitoring together with its precise measurements and system calculations can be used as input variables for a control system. The system can then dynamically adjust the movement of the structure in order to reduce harmful loads.

  • EMS with basic modules
  • EMS Turbine Load Control

Condition monitoring

  • ADS Uptime
  • ADS Online
  • ADS Upgrade Unit
  • ADS Classic

Motion control

  • Speed monitoring
  • Dual output encoders
  • Fieldbus interfaces

Functional safety

  • Safe motion: FSI 900 – SIL-certified encoder solution with programmable safe limits.
  • Safety for drives: FSI 800 encoders – SIL-certified heavy-duty incremental encoders.

Hazardous locations

  • Ex-proof absolute encoders: Ex 600 series
  • Ex-proof incremental encoders
  • Shaft diameter 0-25 mm; Ex-proof XHI 841
  • Shaft diameter 25-100 mm: Ex-proof Magnetic MRI 2854
  • Shaft diameters >100 mm: Ex-proof Magnetic MRI 2242/2342

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