Leroy-Somer Electric Motors & Generators

Leroy-Somer as a member of NIDEC has a presence around the world, and proposes a wide range of motors, brakes, gearboxes and drives.

General Information

With its vast experience and in-house engineering and development resources, Nidec Leroy-Somer is capable of designing drive systems that are increasingly high-performance and efficient, and which meet the requirements of so many applications.

To satisfy, for example, the needs of the materials handling industry, which today requires more productive, more scalable and less energy-intensive systems, Nidec Leroy-Somer offers a broad range of brake motors from 0.06 kW to 550 kW. Their robust, compact and modular design guarantees sure and precise movement, maximum protection for users, and easy integration.

For its know-how, expertise and end-to-end control of its brake motors production line, Nidec Leroy-Somer can guarantee that you get the highest quality levels.

Ranges of brake motors to suit your machines

  • Proven design and configuration adaptable to different motor technologies
  • Brake integration on motors in-plant making deployment easier for the user
  • Reliable and robust construction taking into account the most demanding application requirements
  • Mechanical and electrical design based on powerful calculation and simulation tools and a truly high level of expertise
  • Suitability for most applications: system suited to fixed and variable speeds
  • Qualification of all safety components in accordance with the standards (ISO, EN13135) and the recommendations of the FEM*
  • Operating safety: control of the braking parameters
  • Systems service life: compatibility of movement transmission devices
  • Brake motors modularity: aluminium or cast-iron motors, IP55 or IP23 protection rating, induction technology, and combination with our gearbox ranges
Motors Drives
Motors Drives

Leroy-Somer Product

Induction Motors

  • Three-phase motors for normal applications
  • Single Phase Induction Motors
  • Integrated drives on three-phase induction motors
  • Three-phase motors for variable speed
  • Safety – ATEX Gas and Dust
  • Safety – Smoke extraction
  • Definite Purpose

DC Motors

Brake Motors

Synchronous Reluctance Permanent Magnet Motors

Servo Motors

Gearless Motors

Gearboxes – Geared Motors

Electronic Controllers & Starters

  • Compabloc – Helical with axial output
  • Orthobloc – Bevel helical gearmotors orthogonal output
  • Manubloc & Poulibloc – Helical with parallel output
  • Multibloc & Minibloc – Worm and wheel with right-angle output
  • Dynabloc – Geared Servo Motors
  • Electric Jacks
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives

Reference: http://www.leroy-somer.com

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