Leutert Indicator

LEUTERT indicator company was founded in 1941 by Friedrich Leutert, a watchmaker by trade, and a gifted engineer. Most of the early products like chronometers as well as navigational instruments for the shipping industry were designed by him.

General Information

He quickly established the company as a major provider of subsurface and surface instruments mainly for the upstream oil and gas industry in Europe.

His son, Hartwig Leutert, joined the company in 1971 establishing offices and agencies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In 1985 he acquired the engine indicator product line from Maihak, thus manufacturing, and supply of indicators for monitoring the performance of large diesel engines has become a solid foundation for LEUTERT´s success.

Today, LEUTERT indicator are used by all major engine makers and on ships worldwide. In 2008 the third generation took over and Sebastian Leutert became managing director. Under his directive a propeller shaft torque measurement system was added to the maritime product line, as engines’ efficiency and thus environmental aspects in shipping industry came to the fore.

Leutert Indicator Product

Marine Division/ Ship Engine Indicator

digital pressure indicator dpi t
digital pressure indicator dpi t
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Digital Pressure Indicator DPI
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Engine Indicator Type50/30
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-3
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-4
  • Shaft Power Meter: Torque Measurement
  • Crankshaft Alignment: Deflection Indicator DI-5C
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Electronic Pressure Indicator DPI-2
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring: Indicator Valves

Oil and Gas Devision

  • Fluid Sampling
  • PVT Instrumentation
  • Sonoecho™
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Slickline Tools
  • Ball Harp

Cement and Mud Testing

  • Yield point: Ball Harp
  • Viscosity: Viscometer
  • Filtration: API Filter Press
  • Density: Areometer
  • Filtration: Mud Filtration Ring
  • Viscosity: Marsh Funnel
  • Drilling fluids: Mud Hopper
  • Density: Mud Balance
  • Sand content: Sand Content Kit
  • Viscosity: Shearometer Kit
  • Density, Viscosity, Sand content: Slurry Test Kit
  • Viscosity: Marsh cone (BS EN 445)
  • Viscosity: Marsh cone (NF P18-507)
  • Laboratory Equipment: Measuring cylinder, pH-tester
  • Fresh concrete: Flow table (BS EN 12350-5)

Reference : www.leutert.com

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